Iran Army Day Celebrates Death to Israel, USA


death to Israel


anti-Israel slogans

By Alan Bergstein


Let’s see if I’ve got this right. Obama wants to seal a deal with Iran and expects them to honor it. At the same time, Iranians in a well orchestrated action by their government, march through their streets shouting “Death to America and Israel.” So they hate us, wish us dead and we expect them to fulfil the obligations made to an infidel country on a worthless piece of paper? Shades of Chamberlain and the Oslo Accords!!! Calculated madness on the part of Obama!

Iran army day

Saturday marked Army Day In Iran. It featured a display of new weapons and a truck carrying a massive banner reading “Death to Israel.”

A televised broadcast of the parade was punctuated by repeated cries of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.” “If Israel makes a mistake,” the announcer on Iran television said during the broadcast, as heavy trucks carrying armored personnel carriers rolled past, “those in Tel Aviv and Haifa will not sleep at night, not one person.”

Source: Times of Israel

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