Iran Celebrates Left’s Decision to Keep Iran’s Refugees Coming to US


Many thousands of Iranians marched in honor of the 38th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution chanting abusive taunts at President Trump while shouting, “Death to America”. They also burned U.S. flags. At the same time, some carried signs thanking the U.S. leftists.

This has been going on since the Iranian Revolution – every year since. They are consistent.

In keeping with their barely camouflaged campaign of infiltration into U.S. society, the Iranians told their people to thank the idiotic left for helping them. The leftists are now working on behalf of the Iranian government and the Ayatollahs. They’re all on the same team. Go team!

The left is clueless or they willfully want the hard-left Islamists to infiltrate our society.

It’s not only Muslims and Iranians who are a problem. We are importing improperly vetted people from some truly awful nations. For example, the government of Burma is accused of murdering more than 1,000 Muslims. We need to improve our screening. We have heard Obama officials discuss the fact that we screen based on an honor system and we know that the U.N. officials are the only ones actually screening. We trust the U.N.?

We have a refugee problem. Unfortunately, the left thinks everyone who doesn’t agree with them are racists, sexists, homophobes, Islamophobes. They bought into the media’s and hard-left’s lies.

We can’t count on children and orphans being innocent. ISIS is radicalizing children.

The 9th Circuit just decided to usurp the President’s authority because they want to keep their system in place and prevent any hold on immigration from terror nations. The Obama State Department is rushing these unvetted people in from the seven terror nations that had been banned.

Left-wing legal scholar Alan Dershowitz said the President’s executive order was lawful but it won’t matter to the left. They agree with the 9th Circuit that decisions should not be based on law but on the emotions of the Democrat Party..

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