Iran Demands US Apologize and Give Them More Money as They Enrich


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Iran is demanding that the US grant indemnity for all the wrongs the US has done to Iran. Iran demands they be allowed to enrich uranium as their ‘inalienable right,’ as they were promised. They also want the ‘unjustifiable’ sanctions removed. They insist on an apology from the US.

Vice-Speaker of the Iranian Parliament Hassan Aboutorabi Fard said Iran will walk away from the deal if they don’t get what they want and what they say they were promised.

Mr. Obama said the Iranians ‘halted’ enrichment. They didn’t halt enrichment and they claim that we agreed they didn’t have to.

Go to 01:45 to hear Mr. Obama say he has ‘halted’ the progress of the Iranian enrichment program:

The deal, as it turns out, gave about $8 billion in sanctions relief up front and we are going to give them billions more along with other perks, while allowing Iran to continue to enrich uranium and dismantle nothing.

Oh, and we released a top Iranian scientist Mojtaba Atarodi as part of the deal but we didn’t secure the release of the Christian pastor being tortured in Iran – Saeed Abedini, or the other two imprisoned Americans Amir Hekmati and Robert Levinson. Mojtaba was arrested for trying to acquire equipment that could be used for Iran’s military-nuclear programs.

Iran said Saturday that the agreement they just signed states that ‘Iran is fully entitled to the right of enrichment and it will never quit its rights in the future.’

The US must win Iran’s good will apparently. ‘The US and Europe should prove their good will towards Iran in the next round of the negotiations,’ Jazayeri said

Jazayeri also said that Iran has adopted its first confidence-building measure ‘by accepting to continue talks on its peaceful nuclear program and is now waiting for the US to build Tehran’s trust.’

How nice of them!

They want an apology and even more money:

‘The US should adopt confidence-building measures and practically show its good will, pay indemnity for the damage it has inflicted on Iran’ and apologize to the Iranian nation, the Iranian commander underlined.

If they don’t get what they want, they will go back to working on new generations of centrifuges and they might even use their Arak facility (that facility is for their Plutonium bomb).

Got that? The deal is that we apologize, keep giving them money and more money, allow them to enrich uranium and they might agree to talk with the G5+1.

Obama made the deal of the century – not for us unfortunately.

This information came from the Fars News Agency.

There are other little signs that this deal might not work out.

The Ayatollah Mohammad Imami Kashani, a member of the Assembly of Experts, said at this week’s Friday prayers in Tehran:

“This vicious temperament of dogs and pigs is you (Israel). “The Quran has marked on your foreheads that you will be humiliated. The Zionist officials are like animals, and truly as rogue thugs they do whatever they want, killing people, creating bloodshed and destroying whatever they want.”

Kashani said that whenever Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears on television, “all of the world hates you. You are hated, humiliated and despicable and,” the ayatollah added in a putrid insult to make to a Jew, “have been immersed in the flesh of rabid dogs and pigs.

He had nothing good to say about Obama either. He said the US will share in their misery.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions or anything but this seems like it might not work out.

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