Iran Gleefully Says They’re Using Obama Cash to Build Up Their “Offensive” Juggernaut


Washington Free Beacon reports that Iran is using some of the billions in cash and gold they received from Barack Obama as part of the nuke deal is being used for a massive military buildup. Under the terms of the deal, Iran can continue all nuclear activities and the architecture of their nuclear machine remains in place. They were also allowed to build up their ICBM program.

The purpose according to an announcement by Iranian military is to transform them into an “offensive” juggernaut.

Last month, Iranian officials announced they increased their defense budget by an unprecedented 145 percent. It will become a massive restructuring effort aimed at making it “a forward moving force,” according to regional reports.

This isn’t really anything new. We knew about this in June, 2016 with an Eli Lake report.

Eli Lake reported at Bloomberg that U.S. taxpayers are now funding Iran’s military expansion. As he pointed out, we are already funding the Sunnis and the Shiites in the Middle East and the Imperial President subsidized defense spending for Egypt and Israel. He also “inadvertently” paid for some of Iran’s military expenditures.

Some U.S. cash will end up fueling Iran’s military, John Kerry admitted last year.

According to a written report of testimony last September from a respected non-partisan expert on Iran, Barack Hussein Obama may have given as much as $33.6 billion to Iran in sanctions relief. Iran is a declared enemy of the United States. The money may have been given in cash, at a time when Iran plans to destroy our country and it was done without settling the many claims against Iran from U.S. victims of Iranian terrorists.

What is clear is Obama gave $1.7 billion to Iran for confiscated funds and he paid them interest.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard also claims they have an army in the United States ready to strike and, with open borders, that’s very possibly true.

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