Iran Is About to Retaliate Against the US for Violating the Faux Nuke Deal

Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi
Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi

After refusing to sign the nuclear deal and after violating the deal by firing off two intercontinental ballistic missiles, Iran is warning that they will retaliate against the US for violating the deal by tightening up visa laws.

New US visa regulations for visitors from 38 countries includes Iran.

ISNA news agency reported Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi has consulted with EU countries on countering the new law passed by Congress on Friday..

“This law certainly affects economic, tourist, scientific and cultural exchanges with Iran and it contravenes the nuclear deal,” Araghchi said.

The US measure bars citizens of the 38 countries that participate in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) and who are also dual nationals from Iran, Iraq, Syria and Sudan from using the visa-free system.

It also prevents those who have travelled to those four countries since 2011, or to a country Washington has listed as supporting terrorism, from participating, deeming them a risk and requiring them to apply for a standard visa.

It is part of the US spending bill.

“If this law is applied, we will put forward a request to the Joint Commission, because the law goes against the nuclear accord,” Araghchi said.

The Joint Commission is the body that overseas the absurd nuclear deal in which sanctions are lifted on Iran for almost nothing in return.

Iran has also effectively invaded Syria, and  flouted inspectors at Parchin. Their complete disregard for the nuclear deal is clear and Obama’s unwillingness to stop pretending there is a deal is mind-blowingly irrational.

Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan said in October “We don’t ask anyone’s permission to enhance our defense power or missile capability and will firmly pursue our defense plans, particularly in the field of missiles.”

The only reason to build an intercontinental ballistic missile is to shoot a missile at a distant country – like the US.

The Obama administration is simply ignoring Iran building an intercontinental ballistic missile capability (ICBM) while they appease Iran’s desire to build a nuclear bomb, but Iran is going to tell us what our visa regulations can be. These are the same people who jail Americans visiting dying relatives in Iran.

The US is apparently not allowed to secure its borders from terrorists. In light of Obama’s behavior so far, the visa changes have about as much of a chance of surviving as a bikini-clad woman in Iran. Nothing must upset the faux, unsigned deal. It’s a legacy issue.

This is the foreign policy that Hillary Clinton says she completely supports!



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