Iran Is Closer to Having the Bomb



Iran is developing nuclear power not a nuclear weapon, or so they disingenuously say.

A new IAEA report found 180 centrifuges hooked up at Natanz, Iran’s main uranium enrichment plant. PM Netanyahu calls the findings “very grave.” [Jerusalem Post headline] 

The UN’S International Atomic Energy Agency found that Iran had begun installing advanced centrifuges at its main uranium enrichment plant.

Iran can now significantly speed up its accumulation of material that could be used to make a nuclear weapon, perhaps as early as the Spring.

It is clear to me, especially with the nomination of Hagel, that President Obama, while saying otherwise, plans to do nothing. Jay Carney’s response is to focus on more pressure and more isolation. We used and still use that technique with North Korea and it didn’t and hasn’t stopped them.

If you think the region is destabilized now, wait until Iran has a nuclear bomb.

The Jerusalem Post reports that Iran has also started testing two new centrifuge models, the IR-6 and IR6s, at a research and development facility, the IAEA report said. Centrifuges spin at supersonic speed to increase the ratio of the fissile isotope in uranium.

The Times of Israel said that the Iranian nuke chief was in North Korea for the last test of their long range missile. Not a good sign.

The world is more dangerous now than ever as President Obama moves to destroy up to 80% of our nuclear warheads.

China is menacing Japan in the South China Seas and Russia is taunting us with flyovers of Guam with their nuclear armed bombers. Guam is home to one of our strategic military bases.

Iran is forming or has formed an Axis of Evil with Syria and Egypt. Iran is believed to be running Syria. In the least, we know that Iran has set up satellites ready to take over if Assad falls.

All we need is a nuclear bomb in Iran.

Hamas cleric expressing the views of many in the region:

via Memri TV

If you think the insanity is limited to the mid-East and Africa, you would be wrong. The Jew-hating editor of Veterans Today, Mike Harris, blames Israel for every problem imaginable and wants them off the face of the earth:

Veterans Today is not what the title should convey. It is a rag which promotes Iran and other nations that sponsor terror and demonizes Israel. They promulgate conspiracy theories around 9/11 among other extremist ideas.

Ahmadinejad spoke in September 2012 and said that if their nuclear bases are attacked, Ahmadinejad will eliminate the fake regime – Israel:


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