Iran Needs to Get Nukes So We Can See if They’ll Use Them



Is the the proposed Iranian nuclear deal, with it’s lack of transparency and goofy testimony, beginning to take on the feel of an ObamaCare replay? Our chief “negotiators” haven’t had access to the all important “side deals”, and their statements have been characterized by an inability/refusal to offer clear answers to direct questions.

Secretary of State Kerry, and Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz may have set the 4 minute record for hiding weasel non-answers behind phrases such as, “it’s possible”, “I’m not sure”, “maybe” “not that I’m aware of”. Incredibly, we counted over 20 of those kinds of non committal replies over a span of 240 seconds.

Some of their responses would be comical if the circumstances weren’t so grave. Here are a couple of examples.

Secretary Kerry testified that he had not read any of the “secret side deals” but went on to confidently claim “I’ve been briefed through our team…” Yet, when pressed further by Senator Tom Cotton, Kerry couldn’t even definitively name a person in his office who had read the documents. “I believe one person may have read it…..It’s possible, I don’t know for sure, it’s possible Wendy Sherman may have, but I don’t know that for sure.”

So he got a briefing, but is not clear who, if anyone from his “team”, actually had an opportunity to directly study the text. The content of those documents, which he treats so casually, may well contain the most critical aspects of a nuclear deal with a dangerous rogue nation.

Cotton asked, “So the ayatollahs will know what they agreed to but not the American people?”. “No not exactly.” replied Kerry just before he went on another obtuse, weasel word fest that was not the least reassuring. Hell, it wasn’t even as funny as some of his earlier jibberish.

But the laugh out loud award has to go to Ernest Moniz. He’s the guy who met repeatedly with Iranian officials to close the agreement. It was during testimony, when asked if anyone in his agency has read the secret side agreements he said, “I’m not sure. I don’t know. I’m not sure. I can ask. In terms of the technical team, maybe somebody saw something.”  Maybe it’s just us, but for years after the 9ll and then Boston terror attacks we were told over and over again, “If you see something say something!”

That Moniz, who’s the guy supposedly in charge of overseeing a nuclear deal with a terrorist nation, to say without irony, “maybe somebody saw something”, but he’s not certain, is the kind of comedy Iranian Mullahs must find perfectly side splitting.

Which brings us back to a history of government officials saying really dumb things about legislation they either knew nothing about or knew enough to know their info had to be kept from us. We don’t have to go back very far. It was Nancy Pelosi, when shilling for the unpopular ObamaCare mess, who infamously announced, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it.”

Now we have our Secretaries of State and Energy saying much the same thing, except we’re not talking about health care here. We’re talking about giving $150 billion, plus access to nuclear weapons, to a rogue, terrorist state who has pledged the annihilation of Israel, and still chants “Death to America” .

You almost begin to wonder how long it will be before one of these knuckleheads does a Pelosi and states something like, “Iran needs to get nukes so we can see if they’ll use them.” Actually, maybe that’s what they’ve been saying all along, in many, not so well chosen words.




  1. Brilliant analogy to Pelosi’s statement, Jim! As I watched and heard much of the same testimony, I sat with my mouth open, and wondered how much worse can this get? Every day, however, that we get closer to the 60 day deadline that Congress has to “approve” what the UN has already done (an absolute insult to our Congress), it does…and will.

  2. Of course, when the ayatollahs do use their nukes it will be too late for humanity. The logic is staggeringly stupid…why not give a shotgun to a psychopath…to see if he will use it? Where are these guys educated, in wonderland?

  3. Does anyone know what Neville Chamberlain said when he realized he was duped by Hitler? I know he resigned in 1940 and died a few weeks later; but I could not find any information if he ever expressed regret about his decision.

    It’s obvious Obama would not!

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