Iran Nuclear Solution: Regional Domination as a Nuclear Threshold State



There are reports coming out of Israel and the AP that John Kerry is working on a nuclear deal with Iran without keeping the EU in the loop. They have all ignored Israel. The deal allegedly allows Iran to become a nuclear threshold state. In exchange, Iran will assume the role of dominant force in the region and will promise to keep the peace.

The advantage will be that Barack Obama will claim the title peacemaker as his legacy.

The Associated Press reports a nuclear deal with Iran is near-at-hand according to President Hassan Rouhani.

An alarming compromise over uranium enrichment is being reported.

Rouhani is saying that “the west has realized that it should recognize the rights of the Iranian people.”

Ali Larijani, a hardliner, is “not pessimistic.”

The talks will resume later this month in advance of a March deadline. They are looking to a settlement by June.

Iran insists that they must keep 10,000 centrifuges but they will make them less productive.

I’m sure we can take that to the bank since they haven’t even stuck to the interim deal as John Kerry said he understood it.

The U.S. was pushing for under 4,000 which would give Iran a bomb in a year should they decide to go for it.

However, the west is looking to compromise. Most of the 10,000 centrifuges would remain but they would be less productive, according to an AP report.

That’s a compromise? It’s what Iran offered last March.

Supposedly, other measures would be in place to keep Iran from getting a bomb such as requiring them to reduce their uranium hexafluoride gas. Can we trust them?

Since they wouldn’t allow anyone to inspect during the interim, it’s not likely they ever will.

An Iranian analyst said to not get ahead of it but he thinks the ideas are “innovative.”

Iran is demanding sanctions be lifted faster than the timetable and that is up for negotiation under this administration.

Iran will, in turn, keep the peace in the region as if they would do that as the biggest sponsors of terrorism in the world.

Israel Army Radio reported that Israel received word of a potential deal from the EU members who are angry that John Kerry appears to be making deals behind their backs.

Europeans are also under threat from radicals like the Iranians.

The report from Israel Army Radio is similar. Iranians would give their pinky swear to keep the peace in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

That’s not a joke.

The EU is opposed to linking the nuclear issue and other geopolitical matters. Europeans suspect that Washington is operating behind Brussels’ back and that Kerry has not bothered to keep them in the loop in his talks with Iran’s negotiator Zarif.

Iran will be a threshold nuclear state if this is true and they will assume dominance in the area, all sanctioned by D.C..

Iranian leadership are terrorists! They want “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”.

Barack Obama said only two years ago that Bashar al-Assad had to be defeated. Iran is Bashar’s ally and is running a satellite government from Syria.

We not only erased the red line, we’re their friends now.

Israel has been ignored during the negotiations and they have the most to lose in these negotiations in the short-term but we will all lose in the long-term.

Iran is developing long-range missiles. Now why do you suppose they are doing that?

Someone explain to me why we need a deal that gives them all that they have now?

It is against this backdrop that Democrats are considering not showing up for Netanyahu’s speech to Congress.

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