Iranian-Backed Terror Sleeper Cells ‘Hibernating’ in the US Are Poised to Attack


In April, Washington Free Beacon issued a summary report of the danger of Iranian-backed sleeper cells in the United States. The Hezbollah militants have set up trade-based and real estate-based money laundering operations in the United States. They work closely with other international cartels like the Zetas.

The terrorists are pouring into our country, taking advantage of weaknesses in the system or even coming in legally.

The President said this week at an address to the Border Patrol that they capture about 10 terrorists a day at the border. What about the ones they don’t catch?


Iranian agents tied to the terror group Hezbollah have already been discovered in the United States plotting attacks. They could strike almost instantly within the United States if activated. It would be relatively easy to do according to experts.

They often “come in through the front door with a legitimate passport and a credible business cover story,” said Emanuele Ottolenghi, a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. Ottolenghi, who has long tracked these Hezbollah militants, confirms there are “networks are present in the United States”.

In addition to sleeper cells within the United States, Hezbollah’s deep penetration in Latin America poses another threat to the homeland. They team up with drug cartels and crime syndicates. They take advantage of our porous borders, lenient visa system, and a failed deportation program. Yet, Democrats want to abolish ICE, our internal enforcement agency.

In 2015, John Bolton said: “Three years ago, the Justice Department indicted senior officials of the Revolutionary Guards who conspired to kill the Saudi Arabian ambassador in Washington by infiltrating through the Mexican border,” Bolton said.

Recently, terrorists tied to Iran were plotting terror attacks in New York City and Michigan.

In this first video, Iranian strategist Hassam Abbassi discusses the sleeper cells in the United States. He says they have thousands in the United States who could be activated and he describes how he is working in countries like Mexico and others that have problems with the United States.


Former head of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s special-operations division, Derek Maltz worked along with Bruce Ohr, the embattled number four man at the FBI.

Ohr was so preoccupied with Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS, he willfully or unwittingly abandoned his responsibility to bring all the agencies together to share intel and deal with the 300 Hezbollah criminal organizations entrenched in the United States.

“We had about 300 businesses in America identified and we seized 150 million dollars out of their bank accounts, but we couldn’t get the U.S. interagency government to work together because of the constant infighting and the lack of sharing of information,” Maltz said recently to Mark Levin on his radio show.

Maltz added, “But the real issue is that Bruce Ohr did nothing about it. He did not address it. There was no one held accountable. And these businesses are still operating in America right in our backyards. And this is what the public doesn’t realize.”

Mr. Maltz was on Sean Hannity’s radio show recently. He described the serious lack of coordination among government agencies that has stalled efforts to deal with these threats. It appears the FBI has become very political. Since 9/11 and three administrations, nothing much has changed.



You recently heard about the 46 people who OD’d in one day in one park in Connecticut. Two people went back to the park after being treated at the hospital and OD’d again. They OD’d on K2.

This poison laced with Fentanyl comes primarily from China and in many cases Iranian-backed terrorists like Yemenis are distributing it.

In addition to China being able to launch a chemical attack in the USA, groups from Yemen are making millions at the expense of Americans and sending money back to Yemen to support terror.

The poison of K2 or spice is causing people to drop and die all over this nation. It’s weaponized marijuana.

This edited version of a 2015 press conference in New York City tells the story. It isn’t only taking place in New York City, it’s everywhere in the United States.


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4 years ago

It is time to hold lawmakers accountable for the predictable consequences of the laws they pass. The only true and rational justification for a government in a nation of free Peoples is to protect the People from threats both foreign and domestic.

The government protects the People from foreign governments, terrorists and criminals; the Constitution protects the People from the government.

But too many of those who sit in positions of power, elected and appointed, in our current govt purposefully and with malice towards the People aforethought, allow and enable actions that they know will manufacture crisis after crisis that, as Rahm Emanuel infamously stated, ‘must not be allowed to go to waste because a good crisis enables [corrupt government] to do things they could otherwise not do’.

Those who knew or should have known the laws they voted for could and likely would empower terrorists to enter America and slaughter/maim innocents and terrorize thousands/millions of others. Those legislators to a person should be held accountable in no uncertain terms, but the People.

4 years ago

They take advantage of our legal system & generosity. The plants roots grow deeper into our soil.

herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Right! And the Liberal Socialist Marxist want to abolish ICE and open borders, they appear to welcome chaos into our country/Then take over. Complete insanity!