Iranian President -All Sanctions, Boycotts, Embargos Will Be Gone Forever on Day One



According to Fars News Agency, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani dismissed the US officials’ claims that Tehran and the world powers have agreed on the suspension of the sanctions against Iran, reiterating that boycotts and embargos will be lifted forever under a final deal.

“During the negotiations, we have always planned for the termination of the economic, financial and banking sanctions and we have never negotiated on their suspension, otherwise, no understanding would be made,” Rouhani said on Sunday.

Secretary of State John Kerry said they will be phased out.

If that is what the Obama administration promised, and it appears it might have, that’s illegal. He can’t just end sanctions that were passed by Congress but he’s likely planning to do exactly that.

Senator Corker will fight to keep some of Congress’s power and control over the process.

At various times, Barack Obama has said he will ignore Congress and go straight to the U.N. Security Council. His administration has also indicated that the details would never be released.

This is absurd. He’s not going to allow the peoples’ branch of government or the public to know what’s in the deal?

Sen. Corker said Iran is saying the opposite of what Secretary Kerry is saying. No one can ascertain if it’s good or bad at this point.

Corker has several questions. He wants to know how the sanctions  will be relieved – in phases or all at once; what are the “snap” inspections we are going to be able to do; what is the extent of the nuclear program they will be allowed; when is the process to lay out the military dimensions going to take place.

Congress will insist on congressional review of the Iran deal.

The Corker bill would prohibit the president from suspending any congressional sanctions for 60 days during a review by Congress.

We’d be better off with the interim deal as it is today if we are going for a bad deal. We will be releasing 130 billions dollars to the Iranian government and their economy is going to flourish.

The president has thrown out the possibility of having Congress look at the deal but not having the power to reject it. Sen. Corker said that is not acceptable. They want to approve or reject it.

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