Iranian Street Art in Brooklyn Titled ‘(Wrong) Religion in America’


Two street artists from Iran produced a sculpture portraying their vision of the cross of Christ for a Brooklyn art show this weekend.

Born in the 1980s, Iranian Street Artists Icy & Sot are fans of Western stencil techniques.  They left Tabriz, Iran to develop works for their ‘Made in Iran’ special projects. Their work is on display in Tehran, Paris, Turin, Istanbul, Northern Iran and throughout Europe, Australia, and Europe.

Their themes focus on oppression, celebrity, freedom, war, and daring to dream according to Huffington Post.

They currently live in Brooklyn where there is a large Street Art and graffiti scene. They consider their work political art. They are communicating their “visions to the people with walls”.

Their vision includes a world freed from borders, war, gun violence — and apparently Christianity.

These two fit right in with the far-left out destroying religion. Their piece on display at the Moniker Art Show shows a cross filled with all manner of guns behind a stark metal fence in a metal cross poised in front of metal shutters:

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