Iranians Demand Inalienable Right to Enrich Uranium



The Ayatollah plugged into a nuclear bomb

Iran, a nation that sponsors terror throughout the world, will promise to keep uranium enrichment at 20% but we will probably have to take their word for it. Iran and the US are engaged in talks about having peace talks. The initial protocols are being worked out.

The Fars News agency reported that White House Press Secretary Jay Carney announced the ‘US hails the new proposals raised by Iran.’

The proposals include recognizing Iran’s inalienable right to enrich uranium. Iran also expects all sanctions be removed. While the facade-talks are going on, Iran will be allowed to continue their enrichment of uranium covertly and overtly. Some reliable sources say Iran is within six months of having a nuclear bomb.

Carney said, “We found the Iranian presentation very useful. The Iranian proposal was a new proposal with a level of seriousness and substance that we had not seen before.”

Wendy Sherman, US negotiator, called the negotiations ‘detailed’ and ‘substantive.’

As part of the last step, Iranians might allow ‘snap inspections of its nuclear facilities.’ The UN will be in charge of the inspections. The UN has been unsuccessful in any effort to control armaments in terror nations.

Russia claims that Iran is prepared to suspend uranium enrichment at 20% but all sanctions must be removed.

Iranians will not agree to these protocols unless the world powers recognize all nuclear rights of the Iranian nation, including uranium enrichment, as their inalienable right.

In other words, they will get acceptance and then will be fully free to build a bomb when it’s convenient for them.

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