Iranians Introduce Bill to Enrich Uranium to 60%


After the US gave $8 to $9 billion in sanction relief, among other goodies, to Iran, Iran continues to enrich. They have given up nothing while ‘negotiations’ stall but it gets worse.

Fars News Agency announced on Christmas Day that a hundred Iranian lawmakers drafted a bill requiring the government to enrich Uranium to 60%. It’s necessary and will be used for nuclear-powered submarines for peaceful purposes, they claim.

It’s their latest threat to keep the US from implementing any sanctions. They recently rejected sanctions that were in place and were not part of the Geneva Accord. They want all sanctions removed. In mid-December, the US blacklisted a dozen companies and individuals for evading US sanctions. These are sanction restrictions already in place. Iran said the US is acting against the ‘spirit of the agreement,’ as they called negotiators home.

Mr. Obama has been quietly lifting sanctions for a year without congressional approval by not going after companies violating the sanctions against Iran. He has sent a message of weakness and Iran is going to exploit that weakness.

“If the bill receives the (parliament) approval, the government will be required to complete the nuclear infrastructures in Fordo and Natanz (installations) in case sanctions are intensified (against Iran by the West), new sanctions are imposed, Iran’s nuclear rights are violated or the Islamic Republic of Iran’s peaceful nuclear rights are ignored,” member of the parliament’s Energy Commission Seyed Mehdi Moussavinejad told FNA.

Seyed Mehdi Moussavinejad

Seyed Mehdi Moussavinejad

Moussavinejad said that based on the plan, in case of increased sanctions against Iran and violation of Iran’s rights to use peaceful nuclear technology, “the government will be necessitated to launch Arak heavy water reactor and also increase the level of Uranium enrichment to 60% to provide the fuel needs of Iranian vessels engines”, according to Fars.

Obviously this breaches the Geneva agreement which was a farce to begin with. The US never agreed to halt prior sanctions but Iran is pushing the envelope on a commitment they never plan to honor. Iran said in April that they would not enrich beyond 20% and would not complete the reactors or launch Arak, according to our US reports.

Of course, Iran claims this is only for civilian use.