The IRS is continuing to hire back employees fired because of misconduct. The employers don’t even ask why they were let go the last time or if they were let go.  Despite promises to the contrary, the Internal Revenue Service does not use a red-flag alert system designed to prevent it  from rehiring past employees with blots on their records, according to a government watchdog.

Obama’s appointee John Koskinen is still in charge and, though he told Congress in February he would do something about employees who don’t pay taxes, he has done nothing. He’s also a proven liar and has repeatedly stonewalled Congress on every issue since he has been in office. The Congress voted to impeach him but then did nothing.

The Inspector General found that the IRS hired back 200 of the recently fired employees according to his report.

Some of their issues were serious and included accessing taxpayer’s records, not paying taxes, cheating, lying on the resumé, misusing email or equipment, causing disruptions at work, and so on. Some of these employees held positions with access to sensitive taxpayer information, the report noted.

The IRS tried to say they don’t have the time or money to check which is absurd. Having dealt with hiring, it is quite easy to make a few phone calls and check social media. They could certainly use the Red Alert system.

“Rehiring hundreds of employees with a track record of substantiated conduct and performance issues, including willful tax noncompliance and unauthorized access to tax records, is not prudent and unnecessarily increases the risk of internal fraud and abuse,” said J. Russell George, Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. “Given the threat of identity theft and the amount of sensitive information that the IRS manages, job offers should only be extended to applicants of great integrity.”



  1. The republican leaders do not care, the IRS made them happy by targeting the Tea Party and other conservative groups. But they will be happy to investigate any media rumors which may embarrass Trump.

  2. “Some of their issues were serious and included accessing taxpayer’s records,”
    We had a guy do that in the Australian Tax Office recently. He’s not going to be hired by anyone for some years, although he will be doing work, like occasionally cleaning out the cell block toilets.

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