IRS Could Be Targeting Christine O’Donnell, a Former Tea Party Candidate


The IRS could be targeting Christine O’Donnell, former senatorial candidate from Delaware. It could also just be that they are incompetent. Either way, it’s pretty alarming that the IRS can just shut down someone’s – anyone’s – personal accounts and take all the money out without due process.

They froze her accounts right before Thanksgiving saying she owed $30,000 in taxes from a 2008 house transaction, which was accounted for on her federal returns years ago. She begged the agency to check her tax records and eventually was told the levy was generated in error and her accounts would be freed up.

They then “accidentally” withdrew all her funds and said they would return them which they have not done.

She said, “They said it was a mistake, and they removed the levy. I’m grateful, but I also wonder what someone with less government experience might do when they find themselves frozen from their money because the IRS got its paperwork mixed up. It can be scary. You feel helpless if you can’t even buy gas for your car,” she said.

She’s not sure if this is bureaucratic bungling or more targeting. She has to be careful because she is in their crosshairs.

Read about the House interim report findings that the IRS did target conservatives on this link.

SOURCE: Washington Times


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