IRS Pays Out Billions to Illegals and Others in Fraudulent Payments



IRS Building

The Washington Times has an article out today about the fraudulent payments made by the IRS in income tax credits. The IRS paid out $132 billion in payments over the last decade that should never have been made according to an internal audit.

The Earned Income Tax Credit is a welfare payment made to those who don’t make enough money to pay income tax.  About a quarter of Earned Income Tax Credits are issued fraudulently.

The IRS said they are working on it. Perhaps they should stop targeting innocent Americans and do their job.

One of the worst of these tax frauds ignored by the IRS  for years involves foreign nationals.

There are two programs, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) that provide cash payments to low-income parents who pay no income tax and fail to have a valid Social Security number.

The IRS makes the fraud easy. They give people who do not have a Social Security number and who are not eligible to work in the country an ITN number.

Most ITNs are issued to illegal immigrants living in the country. Many do not work. Many more do not even have children or their children are living in a foreign country. They file federal income-tax returns often with the help of tax-filing services solely to receive a child tax-credit refund.

This video has been fact checked and it’s accurate. You won’t believe it:

When Republicans try to complain, Democrats say Republicans are trying to starve the children of poor illegals.

The IRS says they don’t discriminate. That’s great! They allow fraud no matter who commits it!

They also claim they need an act of congress to do their job though President Obama issued an Executive Order in 2009 mandating they rectify it, which they ignored.

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