IRS Scandal: Working Our Way Up to Sarah Hall Ingram, ObamaCare Guru


tax exempt chart

Photo of Tax-Exempt & Government Entities Personnel Chart 2/2011 from I don’t know how they found this chart. It’s well-hidden on the GSA and IRS sites.

Sarah Hall Ingram was Deputy Commissioner of the Tax Exempt/Government Entities Division from 2004 – 2006. In 2006, she became Chief of Appeals. From 2009 – 2012, she served as commissioner for the tax-exempt offices.

In March 2013, Sarah Hall Ingram was promoted to Director of the IRS’ Affordable Care Act Program Office. Prior to her promotion, she received over $103,000 for “Distinguished and Merit Service” after targeting conservative and religious groups who applied for tax-exempt status. This was in addition to her $175,000 a year salary and benefits.

Why are we giving bonuses to government employees?

Apparently it’s routine. We have given over $92 million in bonuses in the four years it took her to earn her bonuses.

According to the Office of Personnel Management, which oversees the federal civil service workforce, bonuses as large as Ms. Ingram’s are approved personally by the president. [Washington Examiner]

If so, it would be nice to know what Obama was rewarding her for?

The IRS targeting she oversaw or didn’t notice was systemic. Letters to targeted groups came from IRS offices all over the country – California, DC, Ohio, et al [Daily Mail]

Cleta Mitchell, a top DC attorney, said the targeting is still going on.

 “I have been working for more than a year to get someone to pay attention to what I perceived to be serious problems within the IRS in terms of targeting conservative organizations.

One group which has not received their tax exempt status to this day – True to Vote – has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and has gone through 17 audits from various government entities including the IRS. That group is the first to file a lawsuit. True to vote, ironically, is nonpartisan and is trying to keep the vote secure.

Despite the apparent thoroughness of the Inspector General’s audit, Mr. George had no idea that Holly Paz, the Obama donor turned IRS Director of tax exempt organizations, sat in on 36 of his 41 interviews for the audit (how honest could interviewees have been?). [Breitbart] Holly Paz worked directly for Lois Lerner, who is currently on paid-leave. Lois Lerner worked directly for Sarah Hall Ingram.

There are petitions circulating the Internet demanding Ingram’s resignation, though that is certainly premature. If she does resign, can we look to someone better in that ObamaCare position or is the total system corrupted?

What will it be like to have the IRS deciding to release our psychiatric information or deciding if our next surgery should be improved? They will have the power to make those decisions and this latest scandal shows how out-of-control and unethical they are.

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