IRS Sent Hundreds of Checks to One Address in China But Never Noticed


IRS is coming for you

Cartoon photo of the IRS shark, it only eats law-abiding citizens

The IRS, which is adept at targeting conservatives and which is the enforcement arm for Obamacare, sent 655 tax refunds to one address in Lithuania! They sent 343 tax refunds to one address in China! It apparently never occurred to them that this could be identity fraud.

There is no one minding the store.

USA Today reports that we are sending these checks all over the world! We have sent checks to Bulgaria, Ireland, Canada et al in 2011. So far a report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration has found $1.5 million in potential fraud.

What do you think will happen when Obamacare hits?

If the IRS can’t enforce what they have now, how can they be expected to enforce Obamacare. Oh, wait, I forgot, they’re better at targeting citizens.

Currently, there is no real security on the website. You are at grave risk if you put your information on the site.

There is no way to secure your information unless you get your account removed by asking for a congressional hearing, listen:

Felons have access, the federal government will not do background checks, and the website is not secure. The Obamacare enforcement arm can’t do the job they have. All’s well, it’s just a ‘glitch’ or a ‘kink.’



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