IRS Spent $10,000 Dollars to Make Fun of Donald Trump!


IRS Trump

The IRS Trump

We have all been sidetracked by our leader’s incompetence in Syria but we have to get back to the basics here.

The IRS is the gift that keeps on giving. They’ve given us countless moronic videos, wasteful spending, and they target citizens with whom they disagree.

A new IRS-produced video from 2010 has surfaced in case you missed them being bumped from the news because of the Syrian situation.

The video has an IRS employee wearing a Trump wig and berating employees in an IRS version of ‘The Apprentice.’

There wasn’t one good joke or one intelligent comment during this $10,000 taxpayer-funded video. I would have felt better about it if it was at least funny.

video via TheBlueBijou


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