IRS Tapes Found – Maybe – Can’t Be Read – Can’t Be Handed Over – in “Phony” IRS Scandal


During a hearing of the House Oversight Committee on February 26, 2015, J. Russell George, the Treasury Inspector General, said he is investigating possible criminal activity at the IRS. The hearings also revealed the fact that investigators have recovered another 32,000 emails relating to Lois Lerner. It’s not clear  how many are duplicates. The IG now says he can’t turn over the emails because they can’t read them since they’re on old software (Duh!).

It looks like John Koskinen along with most of those who testified for the IRS were not telling the truth.

The Twitter account for the GOP Oversight committed pinned a copy of this email:

House Oversight

It took the Inspector General (IG) only two weeks to find hundreds of tapes that were supposedly destroyed.

House Members were told that the IRS had not even asked techs for the backup tapes when the ‘hard drive crash’ excuse was first used.

Koskinen swore under oath at a previous hearing: “I don’t know, tapes are gone, the backup tapes are gone. Her [Lois Lerner’s] e-mails are gone. We don’t know where they are. It’s just a coincidence, congressman, we don’t really know what happened. We’re very sorry, but they’re gone. Ms. Lerner’s e-mails, we’ve looked, we’ve turned over everything. We’ve gone in every file. We can’t find them.”

Everyone at the IRS swore the rest of the emails were irretrievably lost but then, two weeks ago the IG found an hundreds more that could contain even more Lerner emails.

Deputy Inspector General Timothy P. Camus told the House Oversight Committee in the rare late-night hearing meant to look into the status of the investigation, “There is potential criminal activity.”

Camus said he can’t give Congress the rest of the emails because he’s battling with the software company over licensing issues. There is new software being used and the old emails can’t be read unless the software company gives them the software to match up old and new emails.

Camus said it’s a “renowned company”.

Is this believable?

Oddly the Inspector General won’t give Congress the emails they have, according to The Daily Caller.

How stupid do they think we are?

They want us to believe they’re merely stupid.

They’re asking for more money to fund the IRS. Will that make them smarter?

There’s not a smidgeon of corruption.

It’s just another phony scandal:

It’s not that the government has to stop lying, it’s that it has to be completely reorganized:


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