IRS Targeting Case Closed: 292 Conservative Groups Targeted and 0 Liberals


The FBI closed the criminal case on the IRS targeting scandal. There was no criminality according to them despite the fact that 292 conservative groups were targeted and 0 to 8 liberal groups.

The government claims there were 8 liberal groups targeted but no one knows who they are.

Jay Sekulow

Listen to Jay Sekulow, the attorney for the American Center for Law and Justice who has taken the cases:

Jay Sekulow believes he can win the civil case because of the IRS admissions that there was incompetence. He said the criminal case would be difficult. Darrell Issa will investigate the investigation.

The FBI said they investigated and that there will be no criminal case. They closed the case before interviewing one victim.

The FBI offered to still interview the victims. It sounds like they want to entrap the victims.

What’s the point of putting clients through the interview process if the case is closed:

In an outrageous overreach of government, the IRS is considering changing the rules so that the groups won’t be eligible for 501(c)(4) status. In essence that would make the IRS innocent and the conservatives guilty were it to be retroactive. reported on the latest from Rock River Patriots who tried to get tax-exempt status for more than a year. They felt threatened and dropped their pursuit.

While the IRS was targeting the Rock River Patriots and the group attempted to work through the onerous tax-exempt application process, the IRS meter was ticking. They had to pay back taxes, late payments, penalties, and interest.

In addition, they are told they have to pay “failure to file” and “failure to pay” fees even though they paid the application fee.

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