Man Who Criticized ObamaCare Is Threatened by the IRS – Update


Update: 12/10/13: In addition to Mr. Tucker, the cancer patient , Bill Elliott, the man he helped was also being audited. Bill Elliott announced on his Facebook page that  his IRS audit has been abruptly terminated thanks to the help of Governor Nikki Haley, Congressman Joe Wilson and an unnamed S.C. Senator. The former Obama voter now has a banner on Facebook that reads, Nikki Haley!

Arlen Williams posted an interview with C. Steven Tucker on American Thinker today. It’s an interview you really want to read. It has an update on the plight of C. Steven Tucker who is being hounded and threatened by the IRS after he exposed an ObamaCare HIPPA violation and helped a terminally ill cancer patient.

The thing you need to take away from this story is that Mr. Tucker said it is ILLEGAL for HHS to force people who are in danger of death off their health insurance!

Mr. Tucker assisted cancer patient, Bill Elliot, who appeared on The Kelly file to tell his story of losing his health insurance. Mr. Elliot said he couldn’t afford the new coverage and he would just accept death as opposed to putting his family through extra expense.

Mr. Tucker is an insurance adjustor who saw the story when it aired and contacted Mr. Elliot. He not only helped Mr. Elliot get reinstated but he told the American public that the Obama administration is violating HIPPA law by canceling the insurance of anyone with a life threatening condition.

This would affect many seriously ill patients who have lost their healthcare and this information needs to be broadcast far and wide.

For his trouble, both he and Mr. Elliot are being audited and hounded by the IRS. He didn’t just criticize ObamaCare, you see, he exposed another ObamaCare lie and told the American public about it.

Mr. Tucker was visited by the IRS on December 4th. Debra Heine of Breitbart spoke with Mr. Tucker about it. He told her that two agents from the Treasury Inspector General Chicago field office [figures it would be Chicago] visited his home unannounced about a business he closed in 2010 and a form he filed ten years ago.

In an email interview with Arlen Williams today, Mr. Tucker said he received another threatening email on the 6th.

He was told he had until the December 26 [the day after Christmas?] to pay a fine of $4,000 for the year 2003 and $2,000 from the year 2010, though he maintains that his tax record is clean and he shouldn’t owe them anything.

The IRS is demanding the money or they will seize his assets:


His lawyer asked the agents if they believed the audit was a coincidence and they refused to comment.

Mr. Tucker hopes that Megyn Kelly and Jay Sekulow get in touch with him.

Would I be too cynical to say I don’t think this is a coincidence?


Original Story: 11/29/13: Do you believe in coincidences? A cancer victim, who appeared on The Kelly File to tell his tragic story about losing his health insurance because of the new ObamaCare law, has been told he will be audited by the IRS. The insurance adjustor who helped him has learned he too will be audited.

A cancer victim named Bill Elliot, an Obama voter, appeared on The Kelly File on November 7th to talk about his healthcare situation after he was dropped from his health insurance as a result of The Affordable Care Act – ObamaCare.

Mr. Elliot lost his insurance because he is high-risk. He loved his insurance and his doctor, they paid for ‘pretty much everything.’  ObamaCare, on the other hand, will not pay for his drugs, MRI’s, or medical devices.

The insurance would cost $1500 a month and the deductible is $13,500.

He doesn’t want to burden his family. He decided to pay the fine and let nature take its course. He said he ‘thought long and hard’ and had ‘prayed’ about it.

An insurance adjuster name C. Steven Tucker friended Mr. Everett on Facebook after hearing his story on Fox News and offered to help and he did help.

An exchange between the two men from the iOwnTheWorld blog (click the link for more information):

“Steve, the company decided to keep me active. Since it is a chronic illness. Until this illness kills me. Battle #1 is won. Now the hard part. You literally saved me. Thank you so much.”

Those are the greatest words I have ever heard in my 20 year career as a licensed health insurance broker. I couldn’t be a happier man today! – C. Steven Tucker

After the show aired and Mr. Eliot appeared on radio to discuss his plight, the IRS notified him that they will audit him, according to Frontpage. His interview isn’t scheduled until April 2014, a painfully long ways away.

He has terminal cancer!!!

As if that isn’t enough, C. Steven Tucker was also notified by the IRS that he was being audited back to 2003.

Audits don’t usually start off going back ten years. The IRS will do two years and, if they find irregularities, they will go back further.

I’m sure it is a coincidence. It’s not as if the IRS would target an opponent, oh, wait…

People who aren’t opponents of Mr. Obama might not care and might even think it is merely a coincidence but they wouldn’t if they were in the crosshairs, and one day they will be. That’s how abusive governments work.

Megyn Kelly and Bill Elliot

Photo of Megyn Kelly and Bill Elliot during the interview

Listen to the original interview with Mr. Elliot: