IRS Visited Dr. Ben Carson After the National Prayer Breakfast


Dr-Carson U.S. President George W. Bush, right, presenting Dr. Benjamin Carson with the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Thursday June 19 2008 in the East Room of the White House. Bush commended Carson for his skills in the operating room and his commitment to developing the nation’s young people.

Dr. Ben Carson was a recent keynote speaker at the Business Council of Alabama Chairman’s Dinner and he made this interesting statement, “I had my first encounter with the IRS, not surprisingly, after the prayer breakfast,” Carson quipped. “They weren’t able to find anything.”

The National Prayer Breakfast he is referring to took place earlier this year. Dr. Carson is an esteemed neurosurgeon recently retired from Johns Hopkins. He gave the keynote address during the breakfast and addressed the failings of Mr. Obama’s policies and Obamacare with Mr. Obama in attendance.

Dr. Carson’s speech at the Prayer Breakfast can be heard on this link or below.

Noteworthy comments:

At 10:39, he talks about Alexis de Toqueville who was blown away by our balanced system of government. The 6th grade exam in those days was harder than most tests college student could pass today. He emphasized the problem of the dumbing-down of our nation.

At 17:20, he talks about ancient Rome destroying themselves from within because of moral decay and fiscal irresponsibility.

At 18:16 he says our debt is a big problem. At about 19:00, he repeats a parable of the unfairness of social justice and the benefits of a tithe system of taxation. He does not believe the rich have to be hurt.

At 21:00, he describes a remarkable health care system he envisions that includes a Health Savings Account, an account that is under the control of the patient. It is an excellent idea and it is the opposite of what Barack Obama is suggesting