Is Legalized Murder of the Elderly and the Mentally Ill Coming Soon to the US?


By Greg Holt

Legalized murder in the United States can’t happen, right? It already does wrong – we call it abortion.  Countless millions of perfectly healthy babies are murdered simply because they are seen as an inconvenience.  So how is it that the notion of being able to legally murder the mentally ill and the elderly in this country seems to some to be an out of reach and impossible scenario?

In the Netherlands, euthanasia has been legal since 2002, and there has been a whole slew of problems ever since.  In one recent case in the Netherlands involving an elderly woman who had dementia – she realized that the doctor was trying to kill her, so she put up such a fight that the family forcibly held her down, and then the doctor proceeded to kill her with a lethal injection.

This writer was incensed when reading that article, how dare anyone decide that a particular person needs to be killed?  Let’s get something straight here; this was murder – pure plain and simple, disguised as doing the patient a favor.  If the patient wanted death, then why did she fight back so strongly?  This so-called doctor and the murdered woman’s “family” should all be locked up and then the key should be thrown away.  This is outrageous and these people are despicable and evil.

Do a euthanasia search on Google and you will see over nineteen million results.

How about these gems:

A little closer to home

I can hear what some people are saying already, “but that is a foreign country!”  “That kind of thing could never happen here!”  If that is your opinion, think again.

Does anyone remember Dr. Jack Kevorkian, or as he was popularly called Dr. Death?  Kevorkian was an early champion of physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia.  Yes, some legitimately desire to die, but do you see the inherent dangers here, the high risk of abuse by those who desire the power of life and death?  This was merely the opening volley for those desiring to claim the power of death (and there are many) – a right that should only belong to God.

In the case of the woman mentioned above who fought back, she did mention that when the time was right, she wanted to undergo assisted suicide.  That is all the excuse some will need to kill.  The doctor, in this case, determined that the patient’s suffering was incurable and so, therefore, the patient would be better off dead – apparently the patient thought otherwise.

I would NEVER ever put in writing that I would consider euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide at the proper time, I would not even give voice to that sentimentIn this writer’s opinion, if you do this – you have just effectively signed your own death warrant – DO NOT DO IT!!

There is another name for euthanasia– its called population control, or eugenics.  There are people right here in America who support this, like Bill Gates.  I have only linked to one article here, but there is tons of information concerning Bill and Melinda Gates and their obsession with population control.  In this article you will read about the Gates move into vaccines – vaccines are good right? No, they really are not, vaccines are extremely dangerous.  Many vaccines are made with mercury and also contain aluminum salts, both very deadly and very toxic not to mention poisonous to the human body.  If you think for one minute Bill Gates is not aware of this, I suggest you take a course on critical thinking.

Remember the talk some time ago of death panels when it came to insurance, specifically Obama care?  If you outright dismiss this as conspiracy 101, you are deluding yourself.  In this writer’s opinion, these death panels can and will happen.  After all, what is more important, your life or making a profit?  The answer should be quite obvious.  In case it isn’t, I will spell it out for you – big pharma, the medical industry as a whole, and the supposed cancer treatment called chemotherapy (that most often does not work but makes a nice profit for medical centers) – that most doctors would not avail themselves of.

Then out of the great state of California comes this news:

California Legislature Passes Bill Letting People Kill Their Family Members in Assisted Suicides

Do you see the potential for abuse here?  What is to stop someone from committing murder and then claiming the victim wanted to die?  Nothing. Read the article, many things could and will be considered “terminal” including diabetes and high blood pressure.

We as a nation have already consented to the murder of helpless babies, why would any rational human being think that the legalization of the murder of the elderly or mentally ill, or other inconvenient people to not imminent?

Are you aware that Assisted suicide/assisted death is legal in Washington DC and the states of California, Colorado, Oregon, Vermont, Hawaii, and Washington?

Given the fact that there is worldwide support for euthanasia, eugenics, population control, Agenda 21, Agenda 30, and a worldwide government, for those in power and by those in power– do you really think that a few lives are of any significance to these evil people?


Since 2013, Christian news magazine The Olive Branch Report has featured the insightful writing and reporting of Greg Holt. His writing has been featured on American Prophet, American Clarion, Eagle Rising, Capitol Hill Outsider, Sons of Liberty Media, Rev. Austin Miles, and others. Greg is also the Publisher and Editor of Inspirational Christian Blogs.

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