Is This Sexual Harassment? You Decide


Look at this clip and tell us if this sexual harassment by our former president? You decide.

To be fair, this was before the Democrats had an awareness of what sexual harassment is. It certainly is bawdy to use a polite, archaic term for what he’s doing.

In this clip, Barack Obama clearly is “excited”. The Stewardess turns and walks away quickly but the female reporters laugh like hyenas.

We posted this last year when the media was after Trump but ignored their own issues.


  1. Ha, more like Michelle’s brother.

    CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE if there was a video such as this featuring Donald Trump? OMG.
    And yet, not a single MSM outlet went anywhere near this video which was absolutely CRAZY. Not a single one of the female reporters who whooped and hollered whispered a single word about it.

    If a Republican of ANY political seat did something like this, they would be tarred and feathered as he was ran out of town.

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