Is This Wise? Trump Blasts RINOs Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham


President Trump came out swinging at two RINO Republicans, Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake, who have consistently trashed him.

Trump told the truth in Thursday’s Tweetstorm aimed at them in part, but is it wise?

So-called Republican Jeff Flake viciously attacked Trump last week while touting his book that also trashes Trump.

Flake blasts Trump and his supporters regularly. Flake’s opponent in the Primary, Kelli Ward, says Flake is undermining Trump at every turn, particularly on healthcare. She claims he never intended to have Obamacare repealed and replaced.

Flake has not only trashed Trump, he calls his supporters, “nativists”, “loud”, and “protectionists”. [Love how he generalizes.] Flake thinks he can win by pandering which is what he’s doing in this clip.

Lindsey Graham, for his part, never stops insulting Trump. Graham did misrepresent Trump’s words about the Charlottesville violence.

Trump did not name the radical right rioters in his first statement, before he even knew which end was up. He corrected the record on Sunday and then called out both sides again on Monday. Because he said on Monday that the left was also violent, he was vilified.

Graham had said Trump’s handling of the Charlottesville violence was being praised by “some of the most racist and hate-filled individuals and groups in our country. For the sake of our Nation — as our President — please fix this. History is watching us all.”

How is that Trump’s fault?

Graham has been on a Tweetstorm putting the President down and he has never supported him. He retweeted one of neverTrumper’s – Stephen Hayes’ – tweets, asking who are the “fine people” who were at the rally. There actually were some who just went out of curiosity. There were decent people in the Antifa/Black Lives Matter group also, like Heather Heyer.

The rally was horrible and it was about hate and violence. The white supremacists/KKK started it off and the Antifa went to protest them. All were armed. The event was horrible, and David Duke should be ignored, along with these KKK/neo-Nazis. There are so few of them and they have no power.

Both of these men, Flake and Graham, are barely Republican. In fact, Flake is definitely a Democrat. He has a nerve condemning Trump for not being a Republican, which he does all the time.

Graham, Mr. 1%, is publicity-seeking, and Flake is toxic in the Republican Party. Trump is right.

Flake’s book is very insulting to Trump and Trump’s supporters and he doesn’t know what he is talking about. The reason he doesn’t know is because he’s more of a Democrat than a Republican.

From WaPo: Flake wrote in his book that Republicans abandoned their principles in the face of Trump’s unorthodox campaign and surrendered to the “politics of anger.” The party gave in to “the belief that riling up the base can make up for failed attempts to broaden the electorate,” Flake wrote in “Conscience of a Conservative: A Rejection of Destructive Politics and a Return to Principle.” “These are the spasms of a dying party.”

The only thing dying is his candidacy hopefully. Flake has accomplished nothing in his position and his job approval ratings are dismal.

Still, despite these harangues from the fake Republicans, we believe Trump should concentrate on Democrats and try to unite Republicans. This seems a foolhardy venture though supporting Flake’s primary opponent sounds like a great idea. What do you the reader think?

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