ISIS is ‘training and recruiting members here in the United States’


A new ISIS audio recording calls for attacks on Canada, the U.S. and all Western allies. It takes on more significance since at least one intelligence service says ISIS is here and they are training terrorists.

The Fusion Intelligence Center in Charleston gets classified intelligence daily on ISIS and keeps tabs on the terrorist organization’s activities in West Virginia.

Without getting into specifics, they told WCHSTV that ISIS is “training and recruiting members here in the United States; close enough to be concerned.”

Director Thomas Kirk said their role is to receive information.

Director Kirk said the beheadings of James Foley and Steven Sotloff are just the beginning. He said “brace yourself.”

Here at home, the Fusion Center had disturbing details on ISIS movements.

“There are areas in the United States that are not too far from here, that have very large populations that are being recruited for ISIS right now,” Kirk said. “There are people associated with Al Quaida, there are people on the Terrorist Watch List who do travel through West Virginia, whether it’s through the airports or through the roads.”

Kirk said the gruesome murders will continue for a while. “Because of the shock, to us, it’s about the most shocking thing you could ever see,” he said.

Kirk said that because the tracking technology the United States has now is so much more sophisticated, ISIS leaders may have a harder time staying hidden for long.

Speaking of terrorists or possible terrorists.

In New York, one alleged radical camp, which could fit Director Kirk’s description, though they are not ISIS members, is said to be ruled by a violent Sheik living in Pakistan.

Training in Islamberg via Pat Dollard

It is said to be the lead camp and is in Islamberg, an unofficial town in Hancock, NY, nestled in the beautiful Catskill Mountains. It operates under the strict guidance of a jihadist Sheik in Pakistan, Sheik Gilani.


The members are said to obey because they believe Gilani has the ability to float in-and-out through space and time undetected to watch their every move.

If they don’t obey, he will turn them into monkeys.

The men are reported to beat their women, no matter their age, and the children are taught very little, their school is a storage shed, according to a book by about the camp.

Forced early marriage and polygamy are the rule of the day according to a tell-all book, “Twilight in America,” based on the revelations of an infiltrator.

They don’t rebel out of fear, according to the book, and because it’s what they’ve been taught for four generations. Others simply believe.

They know nothing of the outside world that would draw them out reportedly. Their town is allegedly self-sufficient and has its own Mayor and council members. They call themselves the Muslims of America or MOA.

Crimes are dealt with harshly under Shariah law in the town. Crimes include lying, using birth control, watching forbidden TV shows, and cursing.

They reportedly collect as much public assistance as possible and women are required to have as many babies as possible to increase their welfare payments. They also deal in drugs – sure, why not. Money from their ill-gotten gains is sent to the Sheik.

The camp is a terrorist training camp according to the book and they are ready and eager to attack US citizens on the word of Sheik Gilani, who will undoubtedly be droned the moment they do.

In any case, Gilani has a good terror finance deal going if this story is true and is not likely to end it any time soon unless he wants to on his way out of this earth for those seven virgins in the after-life.

This information comes from a police informant of eight years, an Egyptian named Ali Aziz. He said he gave the NYPD enough information to shut them down. So why haven’t they?

The FBI says they are in communication with the people of Islamberg and they are cooperative.

The FBI is on the case, hopefully doing better than they did with Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

MOA, as the lead camp, has established similar villages in nearly three-dozen locations nationwide, with other prominent camps found in Texas, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, California and Tennessee, again, according to the book. Some reports have the number of training camps as 35.

Watch the shortened version of Homegrown Jihad with one caveat, there is no proof Gilani orchestrated the murder of Danny Perl. Video via PumabyDesign001:

All I can say is where are McCarthy and Hoover when you need them.

In terms of ISIS, Long Island’s own congressman Tim Bishop said that the government is letting ISIS fighters back into the country.

Watch at the 01:20 mark:

Read the full story about the camps at Law Enforcement Today

The videos and subtitle were added after publication.

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Percy Dillard
Percy Dillard
6 years ago

I don’t want to say good for Americans or anything but, I had tracking devices put inside of me and told well atleast we won’t have to worry about you as if I was born in America just to satisfy how the law enforcements should feel about their works on people. And the tracking devices are still inside of me in combination with COINTELPRO and MK-ULTRA experiments torturing me by spying and monitoring me. And last time I checked my Grandfather was a Marine and my Grand cousin works with NYPD.