ISIS Is Taking Over Iraq as Pilots Are Made to Stand Down in a PC Air Campaign


ISIS car bombed Baghdad yesterday and they are entrenching themselves into Ramadi while Josh Earnest talks of our supposed “success”. The U.S. is losing because we are not even engaged. The sole contribution we are making is a PC bombing campaign that has allowed ISIS to expand and strengthen their recruiting efforts.

The U.S. administration’s rules of engagement are mostly stand down orders.

If ISIS wins Iraq, and it’s beginning to look likely, they will have won because the U.S. chose to only pretend to fight.

In an interview with PBS’ Frontline, General Dempsey, the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, made a stunning admission to the interviewer who asked whether the United States had plans for the loss of Mosul last June.

“Well, no, there were not,” Dempsey answered. “There were several things that surprised us about [the Islamic State], the degree to which they were able to form their own coalition both inside of Syria and inside of northwestern Iraq, the military capability they exhibited, the collapse of the Iraqi security forces. Yeah, in those initial days, there were a few surprises.”

We are blind. There is no intelligence. We are so blind that we don’t even read the foreign papers which clearly warned of the takeover beforehand.

The Washington Post editorial board wrote yesterday that Mr. Obama has offered ‘halfhearted’ support for his strategy. The 3,000 U.S. trainers cannot accompany Iraqi forces to the front lines or identify targets for airstrikes – crucial tasks.

They also pointed out that the administration boasts of 3,000 strikes by U.S. planes last summer but that is far below former operations. In the Afghan campaign, the U.S. flew six times as many daily and in Libya, three times.

This is what to expect from a president who only sees climate change and the GOP as threats.

We are currently fighting a politically correct war that avoids all situations that would have any blowback for the president. There are only 15 to 20 sorties a day and we are losing most opportunities because of the rules of engagement which only allow perfect situations.

The president can’t have any criticism from overseas fighting because it might interfere with his building up of the U.S. as a welfare state.

We lost 4,000 U.S. soldiers fighting for and winning Iraq. Many thousands more of our military were wounded. It is said to have cost 2 trillion dollars when all was said and done.

There were many people who appreciated what we had done but those stories didn’t play as well in the media as those of the hateful, the accusatory, and the enemies of freedom for Iraq.

ISIS, a pure evil outgrowth of al-Qaida, is on the path to Baghdad and Syria, particularly with its latest victories in Ramadi and Palmyra. They are now fighting for oil fields in Iraq and all these battles are being fought with our equipment, our weapons, and, in some cases, by men we trained.

Ramadi is the ‘Gateway of Baghdad’ and no matter how its spun as irrelevant, it is a key Iraqi city.

ISIS destroys all vestiges of other civilizations, history, and beliefs in their wake with a scorched earth policy. In some cases, it took thousands of years to create what they destroy almost instantly. They behead children, make soldiers out of them, impregnate young women, and they break young women so the next generation will be an ISIS generation of virulently hate-filled tyrants using religion as their excuse.

Our war against ISIS bears some similarities to Vietnam and while Obama is in power or if Hillary becomes president, we can’t fight ISIS because they will fight a war with bureaucratic red tape and false stories of success.

Vietnam was fought, not by generals, but by bureaucratic politicians in D.C.

Our soldiers can never be sent to fight in a war run by a pencil pusher who is ignorant of reality as Barack Obama is but we should at least insist he fight adequately with our assets already in Iraq.

His air campaign is another perfect example of his inability to lead.

The Pentagon, under orders from the bureaucrat in the White House, is tying the hands of the pilots.

Obama will only engage in the fight from the air and then only after all the necessary paperwork is completed. ISIS won’t wait.

Pilots are under extremely restrictive rules of engagement just as our military was in Iraq and Afghanistan when Obama came into power. In fact, he’s doing the same thing with the police stateside, which can be seen clearly in the deal he has worked out with the Cleveland police. They are the pie-in-the-sky rules that don’t work in the war on the streets or in foreign lands and they don’t work for pilots.

Currently, U.S. pilots in Iraq are tightly micromanaged by D.C.

When pilots find a clear target and all procedures are in place, they must call their boss, who calls their boss, who calls their boss, until it goes all the way up the chain of command to the appointed Obama minion. By the time the answer comes down, the opportunity is lost.

We are conducting few air campaigns as it is and the ones we do conduct are mostly made up of lost opportunities.

The last thing pilots should be made to consider while fighting in a war is political correctness and legalities because they have to make split-second decisions. The chain of command needs to trust their pilots. However, Barack Obama politicizes everything. The president who ran as an outsider is the purest form of a political being.

Joint Tactical Attack Controllers and Forward Air Traffic Controllers with Special Forces are needed to help the fighter jets but none will come.

If a target of opportunity is found, an hour wait is not unexpected before an okay is given. It clearly doesn’t work.

I remember reading about one pilot who said he had to fly over clear targets of ISIS raping and murdering civilians in Iraq without being allowed to bomb them.

We have about three thousand troops on the ground despite the White House claiming there are no boots on the ground but they are severely restricted by the PC president who only cares about his domestic socialist agenda.

Barack Obama’s restrictive rules of engagement tie the hands of the two-star general in charge of these troops.

When will we have a moral imperative as ISIS slaughters and displaces the people of Iraq, destroys all other beliefs but their’s? Greta Van Susteren asked Rep. Lee Zeldin on her show Thursday.

After describing the horrors of ISIS, he said the moral imperative ‘only adds more legitimacy’, Rep. Lee Zeldin said.

Iran and ISIS are competing for control of the Middle East because the United States will not lead and the United States must lead.

Iran and ISIS have filled the vacuum we have left.

The U.S. has formed an unholy alliance with Iran in fighting back ISIS at the same time Iran is sending money to fund and empower Hezbollah. They are successfully overthrowing sovereign nations, funding terror throughout the world, unjustly imprisoning U.S. citizens, developing  ICBMs, chanting death to America. “The Iranians are not our friends”, Rep. Zeldin said in way of understatement.

When these terrorists become more powerful, they will strike us here at home more and more. Most Americans understand that.


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