ISIS leader al Baghdadi confirmed dead! He ran, screaming, crying


The President in the situation room, watching the raid

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead. Baghdadi took over ISIS after his predecessor Abu Omar al-Baghdadi was killed in 2010.

Baghdadi detonated a suicide vest, killing himself after U.S. Special Operations forces entered a compound in northern Syria and chased him through a tunnel. No U.S. forces were killed or hurt in the raid. One special forces dog was injured.

They did a “terrific job,” a U.S. military source told Fox News. “This just shows it may take time but terrorists will not find a sanctuary.”

The ISIS leader was a monster and the last thing he heard was Blackhawk helicopters and the boots of U.S. military rushing his lair. He reacted like a coward. Baghdadi was very powerful and a leader in planning attacks throughout the world. He was a symbolic figure, an icon to those who would be lured into joining.

Biometric tests confirmed it was Baghdadi. Experts on the scene compared DNA and had the results in fifteen minutes.

These American special forces, all of our military, are our amazing, unsung heroes. About 70 U.S. military were involved in the takedown.

Al-Baghdadi was found near the Turkish border in Syria’s Idlib province, a terrorist stronghold.

Mazloum Abdi, the Kurdish commander said it was a “historic operation” with joint intelligence work with the United States of America.

When the U.S. source was asked about Mazloum’s claim, he said the “Kurds have always been good partners.”

When Baghdadi wasn’t killing people, he was threatening to destroy the West and Israel. This is a great outcome. Will the President get credit? Obama was hailed for the death of Osama.

The President teased the announcement last night in a tweet.

Watch as the President calls the U.S. personnel “incredible.” A lot of Baghdadi’s proteges were killed, as were two or three of his wives, two of whom wore suicide vests.

Baghdadi ran through a dead-end tunnel screaming, whimpering, and crying the entire way, dragging three of his young children with him, knowing it was a dead end. He killed himself and his three children by setting off the suicide vest as the dogs closed in.

Think of James Foley, Kayla Mueller, and the others, including other journalists, he is responsible for torturing and killing before you feel any sympathy.

Baghdadi, the heir-apparent to al Qaeda, spent the last minutes of life terrified and shrieking.

The military moved eleven other children out, saving their lives. The military also has a great deal of information and documents rescued from the raid.

The President said these terrorists will not escape the U.S. or the “final judgment of God.”

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