ISIS Posts Kill Lists



ISIS is allegedly releasing the names and other identifying information of FBI and CIA officials. They claim they posted the lists in retaliation for an Anonymous attack that took down a main ISIS forum, according to Vocativ who had the original article.

Early in the video, they threaten to kill Barack Obama and other world leaders.

The hackers, calling themselves the “Islamic State Cyber Army,” published what they claimed are names and addresses of people who have worked for the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, the FBI, the CIA, the National Counterterrorism Center, the National Guard and other American organizations and agencies. They also posted what they said are names, addresses and pictures of U.S military personnel who have served in Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Some of the websites are still active on Monday morning and were active since Saturday night. They claim to have hacked 54,000 sites.

They issue threats, warnings and promises to attack us anytime, anywhere.

I’ve blurred the names and information of our military officials listed on the ISIS Lion account – this is one page of many.


MuhammadbinAbdulah (Islamic cyber army) posted a horrific video which begins by threatening all western leaders and allies including Saudi Arabia and Russia, moves on to who’s next with photos of flags of the world and the actual beheading of Americans and others. The beheadings are brutal and they made the men suffer for several seconds during the beheadings as they almost always do.

In one frame, Obama’s photo has a bullseye on it.

Do we want that here? In this country? We need to crush ISIS but our president won’t do it, he will only say he will. We must cut off the head of the beast. Our French and English allies have joined forces to fight them. Russia is fighting them. America could defeat them in months, but soon it will take years. We can’t defeat all of these insane groups but we must continually cut off the heads of the beasts as they arise or we will be in a Third World War. ISIS now has chemical weapons. Iran and others will soon go nuclear.

Instead of deposing rulers and trying to force democracy on them, we need to concentrate on self-defense.

The video lists four of their hackers, Dr. ISIS who wears an Anonymous mask, Hacker Aldmar also wearing the Vendetta mask, Cyber Caliphate covered in desert rags, and ISIS Lion who is draped in desert rags except for his angry eyes glaring through – photo above.

The video targets include Netanyahu and Putin. Putin just averted an attack in his country. The next three screenshots are of Obama and Cameron.


Obama targeted

David Cameron

The flags appeared to include every country and they want you to know they can strike anywhere.

who's nexxt



They posted the names and information of CIA and FBI officers in several of the online videos. Some of the information can already be found around the net.


They show one man being run over by a tank and several beheadings.

b1 b2

After the beheadings, come the warnings.

shot1 shot2 shot3 shot4 shot5 shot7 sht6

And the conclusion.

end warning


There are links by which you can “telegram me” which requires you to download programs and go through a series of steps to contact them.

They are sending messages like this with #Anonymous to mock them.

mocking ISIS online

mocking Anon

If you doubt the end goal of ISIS and their brothers in the global jihad, doubt no more.

worldwide jihad

This isn’t the first time they have done this though perhaps not to this degree. They have threatened soldiers and their families and they are threatening them again.

soldiers US threatened

We had better get our act together and silly children in college who want “safe spaces”, Marxists professors, Chicanos as Obama would say, whites, blacks, Indians, Chinese, angry racists on all sides of the equation, religion haters, angry commies, Catholics, Jews, Atheists, LGBTs, battered politicos, Democrats, Conservatives, Establishment must band together because these are our real enemies and they are here. More are coming.



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