ISIS takes responsibility for the MASSACRE OF CHRISTIANS


Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the terrorist blasts in Sri Lanka, as investigations into Sunday’s coordinated attacks that killed 321 CHRISTIANS intensify.

The group’s Amaq News sent a tweet citing a “security source” as saying the attacks were the work of “fighters of the Islamic State.”

Interpol has joined the investigation to help identify potential international connections, with attention also focused on a second extremist group known as Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen.

It is a genocide against Christians, not Easter Worshippers as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton describe the victims who were slaughtered in churches and hotels on Easter Sunday.

“The perpetrators of the attack that targeted nationals of the crusader alliance (anti-IS US-led coalition) and Christians in Sri Lanka the day before yesterday were Islamic State fighters,” the brief message said, according to a translation by BBC journalist Faisal Irshaid.


It came after an unconfirmed video posted to social media earlier that day by an affiliated group strongly suggested IS was behind the attacks.

The video, purportedly from Al Ghuraba Media, which is not an official IS channel but is believed to be run by supporters of IS, featured the chilling message, “This bloody day is our reward to you.”

It also showed photos of three of the alleged suicide bombers.

On Monday, Sri Lankan authorities pinned the blame on homegrown extremist group National Thowheeth Jama’ath, but said it suspected the group had “international support”.

“There was an international network without which these attacks could not have succeeded,” government spokesman Rajitha Senaratne told a news conference.

“We are now investigating the international support for them, and their other links, how they produced the suicide bombers here, and how they produced bombs like this.”


They teach no Jesus, no God but Allah.

It makes some wonder about Omar.



  1. Das teevee is saying that Sri Lanka had a warning but did nothing. I know they don’t have an FBI over there busy trying to overthrow a duly elected sitting president but that is Keystone Cops level incompetence.

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