ISIS’ Terrifying Film: ‘We fight to rule the entire world’


“And the light of dawn will not be lit in this darkness except by the mujahidin and shuhada,” says the Arabic speaker in the new ISIS terror film. The film is called Flames of War and it is another propaganda film posted by ISIS, mostly narrated in English but sometimes captioned in English as an Arabic speaker “charms” the listener.

ISIS is the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (all shortened to ISIS). The name was recently changed to Islamic State when they declared themselves a caliphate. It was formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. also known by the Arabic acronym Daʿesh (داعش). It is an unrecognized state and a Sunni jihadist Islamic cult. They formed in 1999. Their members fought against our soldiers during the Iraq war and were known for their extreme brutality at that time.

Flames of War is a terrifying film that shows the killings of some of Bashar’s soldiers and ends by threatening the United States. Jihad John, who beheaded journalist James Foley, does the narrating at the end – and he does some of the killings in the film. It’s like a snuff film.

It’s not the first propaganda film by ISIS. They are extremely savvy with communications. They are even marketing shirts, cups, and other paraphernalia throughout the world and in the U.S.


ISIS (Islamic State in Syria aka ISIL aka IS) is as serious a threat as Adolf Hitler was, with a world in denial and in retreat as they were in the 1920’s and 1930’s, when HItler went from being ridiculed to becoming a national hero.

Flames of War would do Joseph Goebbels proud.

ISIS wants the American public to believe it is our actions in Iraq that made them them into the criminal enterprise they are.  It’s a ploy to get us to back off. That idea resonates in this country unfortunately.

The video serves as a recruitment video and it uses Allah, paradise and other lures to convince viewers their cause is just and smiled upon by God.

The entire film makes it clear that they are glorifying their battles and their victories as proof that Allah is guiding them.

They even show a man allegedly breathing out his soul with his last breath for the truly naive. See the screenshot below and the video clips at the end.
ISIS breathing out his soul allegedly

They pretend they are making people happy because they are liberating them.
making people happy
It’s clear they didn’t interview any Yazidis, Christians, or opposing Muslims for this film.

They claim that the criticisms of them are a worldwide plot led by America. They present themselves as innocents who are under assault by the secular forces. The film goes on to say that Allah comes to the aid of the persecuted innocents who fight for him.

The speaker, who speaks perfect English, describes their assault as being against the “secular forces fighting for a secular cause”.  “And if those who disbelieve fight against you,” they will be vanquished by Allah, the speaker claims.

“The secularists tasted the wrath of Allah…their destiny is foretold,” the film claims. “The soldiers of Allah show them no mercy…victory had been promises and Allah always delivers on his promise.”

They’re fighting for Allah in a perverse way. It should make one wonder how Barack Obama, John Kerry, Josh Earnest, David Cameron, and so many others can say they are not Islamic.

The Islamic-ISIS-deniers would have more credibility if they said ISIS is radical Islam. Their inability to say that makes them look like fools and renders us unable to properly deal with the issue for what it is.

“Even the dead are humiliated waiting the hellfire’s”…who fought “for the sake of land for a secular state,” the film continues.

They never fought for land, the narrator contends, they “fought to bring back the Khalifah and the Shari’ah of Allah.”

“We fight to rule the entire world with Allah’s revelation,” an Arabic speaker sings out.

To say they are not a threat to the world and that they are not fighting for Islam is foolhardy.

They present themselves as victors in a battle for the soul against the secular forces funded by the U.S.

They seem to believe their rhetoric and they are using a young narrator because it is the disaffected youth they are appealing to.

“The Law [or Lord] honored and rewarded the believers for their unyielding belief and the fruits of patience ripened into an overwhelming number of victories in Iraq,” says the English speaker.

The film shows the joyously liberated not the beheaded babies and children with their heads staked on fence posts in parks.
joyous liberated

It shows some of the U.S. vehicles they now own.
US vehicles

Cities like Mosul were “opened” by “men who shimmered under the light of dawn,” they proclaim.

There is no mention of the mass murders, the burials of women and children while still alive, the rapes of women and children, the crucifixions, the beheadings of little children, the genocide…

The speaker refers to the tyrannical and murderous rise of the secular state and states that it is they who are rescuing the world.

The caliph returns “to rule with the light of Allah’s Sharia’h.”

“You’re with us or against us,” he says ominously.

ISIS aren’t crazy and they aren’t stupid, they’re evil and they think they are fighting for Allah when it is Satan they worship.

“Honor belongs to Allah.” They are proud of the victories that end in the cowardly brutality towards innocents.

The film ends with Jihad John showing the soldiers of Bashar digging their own graves. At the end, a supposed Bashar soldier talks about Bashar abandoning them and tells listeners to get their sons out of Bashar’s army. He’s likely a plant but the others appear to be legitimate victims.

The last clips show Jihad John, the beheader of James Foley, shooting Bashar’s soldiers as they fall into the graves they dug themselves.

The last clip in the film says this: “Finally this is a message we direct to America. Know, O defender of the cross, that a proxy war won’t help you in Iraq. As for the near future, you will be forced into a direct confrontation with Allah’s permission, despite your reluctance. And the sons of Islam have prepared themselves for this day, so wait and see, for we too are going to wait and see.” It is signed by Khalifah al-Badri.

The film is meant to frighten the U.S. from action while they build their strength in numbers, wealth, and land, the land they claim they aren’t fighting for.

Our leaders would have us believe that ISIS can’t get here as if they were stationed on the planet Mars. Our borders are open, we allow people to jump visas, and Border Patrol – only last week – caught 4 terrorists at our southern border trying to sneak in.

ISIS somehow got into Australia – a distant island – and planned to behead innocents on video, but our leaders don’t see how they could possibly get here though they’ve promised they will.

The nonsense about ISIS being too violent for al-Qaeda is just that – nonsense. They might be more violent but the feud is more likely over who’s the boss. Al Qaeda won’t disapprove of their destroying us and our allies.

While ISIS might be too preoccupied to attack the U.S. mainland or interests overseas, al Qaeda still wants to destroy us. They were behind 9/11. Khorasan is another group that hopes to immediately target the U.S. They have one of the most famous bomb makers, Ibrahim al-Asiri.

If not ISIS, we are under threat from other jihadist groups. They all want the same things in the end. The president has invited Iran to join our coalition and they are the worst threat in the end game.

I won’t post an ISIS propaganda film but I am posting clips from it. Be forewarned, it shows killings at the end.


Instead of praising Allah, they should praise the lack of initiative by our administration, an administration that underestimates the threat and keeps our southern border open while letting tens of thousands jump visas.

The United States is poised to launch air strikes against Syria. What better time than now?

There are 100,000 Syrian Kurds surrounded on three sides by ISIS right now in Kabone, a city bordering Turkey. They face mass slaughter. Where is the United States?

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