ISIS Terrorist in Sacramento Killed a Cop After He Got His Green Card


An ISIS terrorist who slaughtered police and others received permission to enter the United States as a refugee in 2014 under Barack Obama’s ‘robust’ vetting. Before he came over, and after he received a Green Card, he killed another Iraqi police officer in Rahwah when ISIS took over.

Omar Ameen took advantage of the many loopholes in our refugee screening process. He was an active, murderous member of ISIS when he applied for citizenship and won a ticket to the U.S. After he received his Green Card, he killed an Iraqi officer. Then he immigrated to the U.S.


An arrest warrant stated that Ameen entered his hometown of Rawah in the Anbar province of Iraq with a four-vehicle ISIS caravan and drove to the home of Ihsan Abdulhafiz Jasim, who had served with the Rawah Police Department. He and at least five other named suspects opened fire and the man shot back, but the documents allege that Ameen fatally shot the man in the chest as he lay on the ground, the NY Post reported.

The AP reports that Omar Abdulsattar Ameen, 45, was arrested in sanctuary Sacramento, California on Wednesday and will be extradited to Iraq based on a treaty we have with that nation.

Ameen did not disclose his membership in two terrorist groups when he later applied for a green card in the United States, officials said.

Court documents say Ameen’s family also aided al Qaeda in Rawah and that Ameen was a member of both al Qaeda in Iraq and ISIS. The documents allege that he did a number of things in support of the groups, including helping plant improvised bombs, transporting militants, soliciting funds and robbing supply trucks and kidnapping drivers on behalf of al Qaeda.

The FBI quotes one witness as saying Ameen’s vehicle in 2005 was a Kia Sportage flying a black al Qaeda flag with a cut-out roof and a machine gun mounted on the rear.

The Iraqi officials said he did despicable things.


The Trump administration has sharply criticized the Obama-era resettlement program for not doing enough to keep out terrorists, according to the AP.

The State Department said additional checks have since been implemented.

“The U.S. government identified and implemented additional security screening procedures to enable departments and agencies to more thoroughly review refugee applicants to identify potential threats to public safety and national security, with additional vetting for certain nationals of certain high-risk countries,” the State Department said in a statement.

Democrats want 100,000 more refugees a year because our vetting process is so “robust”. The problem is terrorists are slipping through the cracks of our not-really-so-robust vetting.

The government never saw an obvious threat posed by Ameen. How many more Ameens are here?

Democrats think there is nothing to see here. This is what the Democrat Party wants for all Americans.

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