ISIS: ‘We Will Come with Slaughter and Death’ in Your ‘Own Home’



A song accompanied the brutal execution of the Jordanian pilot which contained a threat to the coalition partners. According to Raqqa-sl, the song began with the threat of the battle being brought to Western countries. The plan is to slaughter people in the Western countries.

They’ve already begun by forming an Anwar al-Awlaki battalion of English-speaking ISIS terrorists. They are attracting Europeans to the cause as well.

The militants are being instructed in how to wage attacks in western countries including Britain for the purpose of stopping the coalition raids in Iraq and Syria.

They hope to ‘destabilize’ Western countries and create a ‘climate of fear’.

Awlaki’s name was selected for the battalion for a reason. While alive, he spread the terrorist message to militant groups in Europe.

Raqqa is being slaughtered silently reported that ISIS foreign fighters who were present in Raqqa disappeared. ISIS members explained the disappearance saying that “the fighter returned to his country to carry out a suicide attack there”, and this is what validates what the group said in its song: “battles will be in their own home.”

They have set up training camps for terrorists who will go to Western countries to launch terror attacks.

The terrorists expect to implement terrorist operations in European cities simultaneously.

Raqqa-is concludes: “Some may consider that the song which accompanied the version of “healing of the believers’ chests”, is not only to impart enthusiasm and bring attention and interact with the group, but its words carry the message that “we will come with slaughter and death,” the group openly said that, and took it upon himself the begin of implementation process.”

ISIS has declared open war and is threatening war on our home territories along with al Qaeda and a host of other terror groups trying to make a name for themselves.

They may not be an existential threat but if they get a foothold in Western countries, it will be that much harder to launch an offensive when we need to and we will need to.

As an aside, the father of the martyred pilot said that this was only one of his sons. He has three others who will fight. This is a special family.

Story Summary and Drawing are from Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently, an excellent website