Islam and CAIR


by John Velisek, USN (Ret.)

Most people became conversant in Islamic teaching in 1988 when a fatwa was issued against Sahman Rushdie for his book Satanic Verses. This was a way for Tehran and Khomeini to get the attention of those in positions of power in this country.

In 2004, Theo Van Gogh was murdered working on a film with Ayaan Hirsi Ali exposing the treatment of women in the sixth century teaching of Islam. Yale University pulled the original cartoons from Jyllen-Posten in a book about the subject, in a act of self censorship.

Khalid bin Mahfouz, mentioned in a book by Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, sued for damages when it was exposed that he had been laundering monies for the financing of Islamic terrorist organizations. Mahfouz searched until he found a sympathetic judge in England. To make his libel case stick he was required to purchase 23 books and have them sent to England to have standing in the court.

This was the legal side of Islam, planning for terrorism here in the U.S. and worldwide. The object of all this and the terrorist attacks in France was to strike fear into the hearts of Western countries and to cow our administrations into submission.

There are some, mostly the progressives who feel we should reach out, try to understand, and as a final insult, to submit to the smaller things these Muslims want.

Our system of freedom, being pushed to the limits, will strain even more as increased demands are met. We already have wash basins for foot washing in many of our airports and universities, no-go zones in cities in Michigan, areas where pork can not be sold. We are capitulating to a sixth century way of living.

And where is our Adminstration on this? President Obama has claimed the Islamic cause as his own, going so far to say no one should insult the Prophet Mohammed.

When Major Nidal Malik Hasan gunned down his military brethren in 2009, it was called ”workplace violence” and those that suffered, many of them only just getting the benefits they deserve now, were left in the wind so as to not upset the Muslim community. And we all know the fictions told even to this day about Benghazi.

So should we fear Islam and its adherents? One test I always do when I hear of the next atrocity Islam perpetuates is this – if a Christian did this, would we absolve his religion of any blame?

This is a war of differences. A war of our freedoms and culture against a sixth century caliphate where women are treated like dirt, and you can be beheaded if you don’t believe.

Where are the feminists protesting about the treatment of women in Islam? There is only silence.

We are accused of being Islamophobes. If that means having a healthy fear of terrorists, then yes, there are many Islamophobes. They are spread throughout the world, from the parents of girls taken by Boko Harem in Nigeria, to a mother burying her daughter in Nairobi after the Westgate Mall massacre. The people in the lands they occupy are Islamophobes as well, living in terror at what tomorrow may bring.

Tomorrow may bring it here.

Two Groups, MPAC (Muslim Public Affairs Council) and CAIR (Community of American-Islamic Relations). are in this country, and controlling the conversation being presented to our administration. MPAC executives such as Executive Director Sala al-Marayati and the Washington director have made at least 34 trips to the White House.

MPAC has stated that Osama bin Laden was a great mujahid and they have sworn to defend him when he is called a terrorist.

CAIR, a unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial, joined MPAC in defending Hizballah’s attack on the Marine barracks in 1983. Let’s look at some of CAIR’s Employees

Senior CAIR Employee Randall Todd Royer- pleaded guilty for being in a jihadist network in Virginia, sentenced to 20 years – WHILE WORKING FOR CAIR

CAIR Director of Community Relations – Bassem Khafagi arrested for being a front for a terrorist group, was deported to Egypt – WHILE WORKING FOR CAIR

Founding member of CAIR -Texas Ghassan Elashi founder of Holy Land Foundation- the largest money laundering scheme in U.S. history – WHILE WORKING FOR CAIR

CAIR Board member Imam Siraj Wahaj is the unindicted co conspirator of the first World Trade Center Bombing. He has called for replacing the American system of government with sharia law, and declared that America will fall under Islam.

These are the people our President meets with. Looking at the way he has handled the Middle East as Commander in Chief, the answers are quite clear. Both CAIR and MPAC have intimated that America is under the control of some Jewish cabal aimed at destroying Islam. Why are they allowed in this country, much less this White House, and how much more damage can they do during the rest of Obama’s term?


John Velisek USN (Ret.)


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Dennis Hibbard
Dennis Hibbard
6 years ago

Dear Sir

HYHY by DEMO exposes the Lies of Islam, and all other Claim Jumpers while Delivering the Bottom Line Biblical and Gospel Message, from a Paper Airplane,, Omniscient Design Saving of the Soul by Personal Choice to View Words provided from the Wings

Thank you
In the Name of HYH

6 years ago

Obama hasn’t given over 7 billion of our tax dollars to islam for nothing. Nor do you hear his worshipers crying about it either simply because they are not Christian. Even the the liberals that refer to themselves as being Christian say nothing. As liberal as the Huffington Post and the New York Times are they will not break the code of silence solely because of political correctness. You don’t hear them crying about separation of church and state when it comes to islam. So who is kidding whom? Liberal=terrorist