Islam and the Rights of Man: A Short Comparative Observation


by Gary Spina

America and the western world rail against the atrocities of Islam. We shudder at the public executions, the beheadings, the sexual slavery, the mass genocide of “infidels,” the stoning of women, the Christian crucifixions, and the skinning alive and burying alive and of innocent men and women. The horrors are encompassed and embraced in Sharia law and Islam’s open disdain for democracy and the rights of man. The civilized world cannot fathom how any society eschews democracy, how not all men and women in the world have the love of freedom beating in their hearts and surging through their veins.

Logic follows that Islam’s disdain for democracy bespeaks an underlying conviction that man cannot be allowed his personal freedom, that he is basically evil and sinful, and that left on his own he will thwart the will of his Creator. It seems Islam believes that personal freedom leads to free thought and free thought metastasizes into chaos and madness. And so it follows that man must be subdued and infidels must be killed. A strict theocracy is put into power, and a freedom-crushing, inviolable hierarchy of imams is established to control society.

That pretty well says it all, except that in saying that we forget the history of slavery and savagery in ancient Rome, Greece, Persia, and Egypt, in the Norse-land and among the Celts, Brits, and Saxons. We forget the long history of tribal slavery in Africa and especially the Congo where blacks sold other blacks as beasts of burden to the highest bidder. We forget the slavery and savagery of the America Indian, and of course, the Southern plantation owner.

We forget the horrors of the Roman Catholic Church and its infamous Inquisition. We forget the Saint Bartholomew’s Day massacre of Huguenots in France, and how Pope Gregory XIII was so delighted at the cleansing of the Protestant rabble that he sent a letter of thanks to Catherine de’ Medici and her son, King Charles IX. We forget the Reign of Terror of the French Revolution’s “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.”

And it never occurs to us that the western world’s own example of 21st Century democracy gives the Muslim world scant reason to embrace the rights of man. Today, all the flags of Europe and the English-speaking world blow in the winds of socialism. Real personal freedom has long been forgotten.

Even in America, especially in America – the glorious “Land of the Free” — democracy has become a cheap commodity. Americans no longer understand the difference between a democracy and a republic; we’ve abandoned our precious balance of power; we’ve embraced judicial activism; we’ve forsaken “a land of laws, not men.” We’ve abolished free-enterprise, capitalism, and private ownership, and we’ve surrendered our rights to enjoy the fruits of our own labor. We’ve lost all concept of individual freedom and allowed our social fabric to unravel into a quagmire of political correctness. Our education system is in shambles. Healthcare is an illusion. Personal wealth, our homes, our businesses, our private farms and lands, our family inheritance have all been abrogated by our own politicians. Among the populace, Christian values, family unity, morality-based traditions, and our Constitution are out of fashion.

Even before Obama came on the scene, the race-baiters and liberals succeeded in dismantling the American dream. Obama simply took what he found, wrapped it up in his ideology, and ran with it. We Americans sat back and willingly accepted political correctness and divisive demagoguery, and now we find ourselves lost in an amoral wilderness of lawyers and politicians, pettifoggers and charlatans.

But it seems mankind accepts tyranny in gradations of oppression and indignity. In the 21st Century, it’s all a simple matter of degrees. So, before we rail against the horrors of Islam, Americans should understand how we, ourselves, have proven by example that, indeed, the love of freedom does not burn in the hearts of men and women everywhere. We watered-down Americans have sold our freedom for convenience and a false sense of security.

And so I ask two simple questions. Why are we Americans so shocked that the rights of man are not even an issue under Islam’s Sharia Law? And why is Islam the fastest growing religion in the world?


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