Islamic Fundamentalists Successfully ‘Infiltrating Social Studies And History Texts’


We are seeing isolated incidents of parents throughout the nation complaining about Islamic indoctrination in their children’s textbooks. The reasons for their concerns seem to center mostly around history and social studies texts that lean heavily towards Islam without any counter weight from other religions. The complainants also state that the texts actually teach the religion.

Most surprising is the small scale of objections being raised about books that leans towards indoctrination and way beyond promoting understanding and knowledge.

Dr. William Saxton, Chairman of Citizens for National Security (CFNS) issued a 92-page report on errors in one such book titled “World History” by Ellis Esler. It was reprinted in Florida because of parental complaints.

Saxton said that Islamic fundamentalists have been successful in infiltrating social studies and history texts in Florida and in other states.

CFNS is the country’s leader in the struggle to rid K-12 public-school classrooms of Islam-biased textbooks – and getting unequaled results. But Dr. Saxton states: “It’s going to be a long, uphill battle, and we can’t stay in it without financial support.”

This is the result of 50 years of infiltration to erode our cultural and societal norms according to Saxton.

Saxton believes that the Council for Islamic Education, which he calls an arm of the Islamic Brotherhood, exerts influence on U.S. textbooks from both ends. The “bad guys” act as go-betweens, lobbying publishers on behalf of school boards and school boards on behalf of publishers. They sit on the committees that choose the textbooks and act as editors and advisers to the textbook industry.

He provided a summary of the kinds of things his task force found when researching the problem:

“…because humans rejected Allah’s earlier messengers, Allah sent his final revelation to Mohammed.” [task force note: “This de-legitimizes Christianity and Judaism by turning Jesus and Abrahm into Muslims, and marginalizing them.]

“Women, as wives and mothers, have an honored place in Saudi Society.” [task force: “It is well known they are limited members of Saudi society.”]

“Jesus was offended by what he perceived as Jewish religious and political leaders’ excessive concern with money and power…” [task force gloss: “Sets Jesus in opposition to Jewish leaders using some of the worst stereotypes of Jews as justification.”]

“The land now called Palestine consists of Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip.” [“Self-serving inaccuracy speaks for itself.”]

He said it is not limited to Florida – it’s epidemic. He first noticed the extent of it in his grandchildren’s textbooks in California.

When asked if he was overreacting, Saxton said, “Make no mistake.They’re out to kill us. They’re out to sabotage our miserable nation. And they’re right on schedule.”

Examples of parents concerned about Islamic indoctrination have been showing up in the news recently.

KTLA TV reported Thursday that the Muslim religion is being taught in a Manhattan Beach middle school according to the parents of one middle school boy. They pulled their son out of class when they discovered he was being taught Islam, not the history, but the actual religion.

The parents don’t want any religion taught in school.

The father was stunned at the “audacity” of these schools who think they can “sit these children down and teach them any religion they please.”

World History assignment

The children in the class were made to fill in bubbles with the answers being: “the one true God is Allah”; “all people must submit to Allah”; and so on.

They were taught about the five pillars of Islam and “one of the five pillars is shihada which is the testimony of a faithful Muslim that Allah is the one true God”.

His mother said “the students shouldn’t be asked to know this”. They should be taught the history behind religions but not the religion.

In January of last year, CAIR asked that Islam be taught in Puyallup, Washington public schools.

CAIR is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR said they believe it would reduce bullying. The parents rejected the idea.

The text CAIR wanted used is the same text the parents in Manhattan Beach complained about.

According to Fox News, The text, simply called World History by Ellis Esler,  contains a 36-page chapter fondly devoted to “Muslim Civilizations.” The chapter includes sections on the rise of Islam, the growth of the “Muslim empire,” the Koran and the five pillars of Islam.

The Rise of Islam

The textbook doesn’t contain any chapters dedicated to Christianity or Judaism, or the huge influence they had over the development of western civilization.

It is being used in high school classes across the country and is Common Core aligned. It’s been used in 9th grade advanced placement history classes for the past three years in a number of states.

Concerns were expressed by parents in Brevard, Florida in July, 2013. The video below reflects the views at the time.

Aside from giving Islam too much ink, the book sanitizes the negative aspects of Islam. For example, on page 120, the book says ‘another duty is jihad, or struggle in God’s service.’

We all know that jihad is often violent and dangerous to Americans, Christians and Jews.

Todd Starnes of Fox News Radio said there are 80 texts being used throughout the nation with the same bias.

The publishers – Pearson-Prentice Hill – say the text is fair and balanced and they use Islamic, Christian and Jewish scholars to develop their texts.

The Islamic scholars seem to have the biggest advantage however.

The Council on Islamic Studies were advisors to the Prentice-Hall book and one of the reviewers, Shabir Mansuri, who renamed the group, wants a ‘bloodless revolution’ in America to change American curriculum in textbooks.

The current name of the group is The Institute on Religion and Civic Values, a more innocuous name. Mansuri was concerned about what he says is the inaccurate portrayal of Islam in some US texts but he appears to have gone a bridge too far.


In La Plata, Maryland, a Gulf War veteran was banned from his daughter’s school when he told the schools officials what they could do with their daughter’s assignment. The father, Kevin Wood said that his daughter’s world history class “talked about Muhammad and the tenets of Islamic religion…comparing it to Christianity, but without allowing Christians to be heard…” as reported first by Faye Higbee of, who posted the entire assignment.

One erroneous piece of information that particularly upset him said Islam treats conquered peoples with “tolerance, kindness and respect”. Tell that to the Kurds, Yazidis, Christians and so on.


The father was told his daughter would get an “F” if she did not complete the assignment which is what prompted his “threat” to cause some kind of disturbance. It’s also what got him banned from his daughter’s school.

Parents need to scan all their children’s texts and if there is material they feel has no place in the school, they must make their voices heard. There is power in numbers. A minority of people can’t rule the majority.

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6 years ago

Time to start home school people. And are they going to admit Islamic Muslims are not a religion that is why its in the school books. ROOAR