Islamic Radicalization Continues in Syria & Throughout the Mid-East


Did anyone really believe this Arab Spring would bring justice and freedom to the mid-East? Seriously, you didn’t, did you? Then why did President Obama?

More and more mid-Easterners are becoming radicalized. I don’t know what their lives have been like under dictators. It must have been awful but we must free ourselves of dependence on their oil.

An Islamic cleric in Saudi Arabia believes that Hurricane Sandy was punishment for Iraq and Afghanistan. Egyptian cleric Sirsawi says that killing apostates is easier than cutting the buttons off of shirts. An Egyptian researcher says that the Pope is a Jew or has been Judaized.

And on the more good news front, check out the rebels in Damascus, Syria who are protesting Assad ranting:

To Hell with freedom
We Want a Caliphate
We want weapons and AK-47’s
To Hell with being peaceful

It really makes me want to arm these rebels so they deprive themselves of freedom. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday accused the U.S. of supplying weapons to Syria’s rebels after Hillary Clinton said Moscow was supplying the Assad regime with “attack helicopters”.

It is a sad day when I have to seriously consider that the Russians might be telling the truth.

We must get off mid-East oil and develop our own resources which are far more plentiful than those of the mid-East. If we can become independent as we develop non-fossil fuel alternatives, clean up coal, continue fraking techniques, we will diminish Arab influence on us and work on improving the world’s approach to energy.