10 Million Tax Dollars to Islamic Supremacist Sarsour Accused of Flashing ISIS Sign


Linda Sarsour, an American-born Muslim is the Executive Director of the taxpayer-funded Arab-American Association of New York. An Islamic supremacist and a political activist, Sarsour is anti-Semitic, anti-military, anti-white, open borders, and pro-sharia. Her family ties to Hamas and close affiliations to the terror-tied group CAIR should be cause for concern. One of the organizers of the Saturday women’s march, she seeks to unite Progressives of all stripes and has been successful at doing so. She is also uniting the hard-left with radical Islamists.

New York City taxpayers gave $10 million dollars to Linda Sarsour and her radicalized group. 

Expose Linda Sarsour

The next photo of Sarsour flashing the ISIS sign is unconfirmed but I put it up to make a point. To be fair, she has spoken against ISIS, however, at least indirectly, her support of Hamas is no different. Hamas is a global jihadist group except they focus on Israel. They have better PR than ISIS and play to the anti-Semites.

Personally, I believe this photo is photoshopped. The finger looks superimposed.

Sarsour is the chief propagandist for radical Islam. Any mention of it is Islamophobia in her mind. When Hirsi Ali tried to expose the dark underbelly of the Muslim Brotherhood with a documentary, radical Islamist apologist Sarsour silenced the opposition.

Listen to the facts about the Muslim Brotherhood plan to infiltrate the United States society and politics.

Her speech to CAIR:

The irony in this next photo goes without saying. This comes from a group that never marches for the rights of women in radical Islamist countries.

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7 years ago

Having lived in an environment back in the 60’s, early 70’s which I am thankful to say was nowhere near this radical.

My parents, aunts and uncles warned me about people like Sarsour whose job it is to bring young women into the mosque where they’ll be radicalized. Sarsour has strategically perched her crew of young Muslimahs to convince ignorant young females that Islam is cool because they take on the system.

I, too, in my younger Democratic years had a few Muslim female friends who brought me into the loop except I never went to the mosques. My mother, father and uncles would have tanned my hide.

Two things woke me up. One Sunday morning, a young man drove up to our house to drive me to the mosque. This guy showed up with eight women in his station wagon, i.e., his wives. I backed out and my mother was all too happy to go downstairs and tell that dope to get lost. [Each of his wives had at least 2 children and all were on the government dole. Suddenly, Mr. Casanova didn’t look so good.]

The second thing: DISCO!

Both of which cured me of radicalism and all that other activist crap.

Decades later but the game is still the same. It’s a trap. She’s using these young girls as a tool to further the Islamization of America, breed and finance the advancement of Islam.