Islamist’s Bloodless Revolution via US School Textbooks


One Prentice-Hall World History text appears to be biased in favor of Islam while demeaning Christianity and Judaism in the process. At least some parents in one Florida school district – Brevard County – don’t like it.

Islam-biased book

Photo of the questionable text

The textbook in question has been used in 9th grade Advanced Placement courses for the last three years. The book has a chapter on Islam but none on Christianity and Judaism. The chapter in question teaches that Mohammed is God’s messenger.

There are Koran verses in the book but no Bible verses.

Aside from giving Islam too much ink, the book sanitizes the negative aspects of Islam. For example, on page 120, the book says ‘another duty is jihad, or struggle in God’s service.’ We all know that jihad is often violent and dangerous to Americans, Christians and Jews.

Todd Starnes of Fox News Radio said there are 80 texts being used throughout the nation with the same bias.

The publishers – Pearson – say the text is fair and balanced and they use Islamic, Christian and Jewish scholars to develop their texts. It looks like only the Islamic scholars do any work.

The Council on Islamic Studies – they currently have a more innocuous name – were advisors to the Prentice-Hall book and one of the reviewers, Shabir Mansuri, who renamed the group, wants a ‘bloodless revolution’ in America to change American curriculum in textbooks.

The current name of the group is The Institute on Religion and Civic Values. Mansuri was concerned about what he says is the inaccurate portrayal of Islam in some US texts but he appears to have gone a bridge too far.

Mansuri is not a fan of free speech. Go to about 9:30 on this link to hear his views on free speech.

He is a supporter of religious pluralism but he is not as unbiased and diverse as he claims.

Brevard County School Board Member Amy Kneesy expresses her concerns:

Florida representative Rich Workman wants to pass legislation to give parents a say in the content of textbooks to cut down Muslim-bias and the whitewashing of history.


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