Isn’t Socialism grand! Minimum wage is up 275% in Venezuela


Venezuela’s Maduro keeps trying to resolve his country’s problems by doing more of the same thing. Case in point, he just raised the minimum wage again by 275%.

As with all socialist governments, which the Democrat candidates are trying to force on us, Maduro took the third wealthiest country in the hemisphere and made it into one of the poorest.

This is the third hike this year in the face of runaway inflation.

Bloomberg reports:

Despite the increase, the new 150,000 bolivars wage barely amounts to enough to buy four kilos of meat. Annual inflation in Venezuela is currently running at around 50,100%, according to figures produced by the opposition-led National Assembly. The government does not provide data on price rises. According to Bloomberg’s Cafe Con Leche Index inflation is running at 19,900% annually. Inflation pulverized the vale of the previous minimum wage: 40,000 bolivars amounts to around 2 dollars at the official FX rate.

This lunatic needs to go back to driving a bus.

His opponent for the presidency, Juan Guaido talks about the disaster that is socialism.

The fact is that once people accept socialism and it’s in place, it’s impossible to get rid of it. In fact, this madman wants to be on the UN’s Human Rights Council. Hopefully, contender Costa Rico will get the spot.

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