Israel Threatens to Bomb Iran


Secretary of State John Kerry has announced, according to Reuters, that there are wide gaps in the Iranian nuclear deal and talks may be extended. A deal by Monday is unlikely. This announcement was made at the same time or after Israel threatened to bomb Iran. Also at the same time, Iran said “no deal”.

Israel is threatening to strike Iran if the worthless deal the P5+1 is considering with Iran moves forward.

U.S. Officials quoted in The Atlantic last month suggested that the window of opportunity for Israel to strike was two years ago, but Israeli officials dismissed that claim though it’s hard to know if they can go it alone, without U.S. help.

That doesn’t mean they won’t anyway.

Israel feels backed into a corner, according to The jerusalem Post.

The deal has a “sunset clause” and would restrict Iran’s nuclear program for only ten years. After that, nothing.

Inspections won’t go perfectly. Iran has been giving the UN the run-around for years and there is consideration of even watering that down. The P5+1 is considering abandoning the idea of employing verification mechanisms. There would be no inspections of their possible military dimensions nor would Iran have to even reveal it.

The mass dismantlement of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure – including the destruction, and not the mere warehousing, of its parts – is no longer on the table in Vienna.

There is nothing in this deal to call it a deal. Iran doesn’t have to dismantle and destroy, the inspections will be a joke, and it’s only for ten years. The West would be giving their blessing to a nuclear Iran which they possibly believe can be controlled.

Mr. Obama wants any deal for his legacy, even a non-deal that he can spin to the “stupid Americans” in the U.S. and which will be received positively by the rest of the weak Western World. One can’t even call them naïve. They know exactly what they’re doing.

At the same time, the guardian is running a story about Israel’s secret nuclear program, asking how they can expect Iran to make a deal while they won’t come clean.

Anyone who believes that would make any difference at all completely misunderstands Iran’s intentions or they don’t care.


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