Israel Will Give Little Notice to Obama If They Attack Iran – Israel Doesn’t Trust Him

Obama not bowing to the Saudi King. What's not to trust about Obama?

“I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first two years against any president — with the possible exceptions of Johnson, FDR and Lincoln.”

~ Barack Hussein Obama

Israel National News reports that Israel told General Dempsey they will give no more than 12 hours notice if and when they attack Iran. The information comes from The London Times. Netanyahu’s government will not coordinate an attack on Iran with the United States according to The London Times.

The London Times said its sources fear President Obama will torpedo an attack if they are given more notice because of his fears over the closing of the Strait of Hormuz, which would spike a rise in the price of oil, putting him in a difficult position for re-election.

Well, Obama did say prices of oil must necessarily skyrocket. It’s been a goal of his and he has done his level best to close refineries and pipelines so we have no other recourse but to rely on the oil from foreign enemies.

Obama wants Netanyahu to wait for the sanctions to work even though 85% of the purchasers of Iranian oil have refused to go along with the sanctions. How is that supposed to work?

President Shimon Peres told Dempsey, “I am sure that in this fight [against Iran] we will emerge victorious. It is a fight that does not belong exclusively to the United States or Israel, but a global struggle to create a safe world for all peoples.”

Dempsey tried to play down the postponement of what was billed as the largest-ever joint military drill between the Israeli and American armies, involving thousands of U.S. Army soldiers. The truth be told, Obama chickened out.

Published reasons for the delay have ranged from budgetary constraints, logistical problems to a signal from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that he distrusts President Obama’s commitment to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Like I said, Obama chickened out.


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