It Is Established US Media Used Obama Era Photos to Accuse Trump of Inhumanity


This next story is incredible even for the Hate Trump media.

“It has now been established that elements of the hate-Trump media have used pictures taken during the Obama administration to accuse the Trump administration of inhumane immigration practices”, reports Bill O’Reilly.

Documentation of that can be found on the website Law&Crime. Trump has been falsely slammed for children in cages and an Obama-era ‘Baby Deportation Bus’.

Shaun King is a well-known lying fraud who pretended to be black. Black supporters need to disavow him if they want to have any credibility at all. Arellano is Houston’s ABC guy. ABC is one of the most vicious towards Trump. They can take credit for Brian Ross and his deceitful reporting. They didn’t even fire him.

The images and deceptive stories come from former president Barack Obama’s immigration policies, not Trump’s. The images are now being shared by Trump’s haters, AZ Central [USA Today] and others as if it was Trump’s rules. It is being done to focus outrage against President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Session.

These problems came about because of the leftists’/liberals’ complete deification of Obama and lack of reporting about his serious failings.

The media says anyone who reports honestly is “normalizing Trump.”


The media willfully and viciously is willing to lie about North Korea to destroy Trump. If they destroy the country in the offing, so be it. Such is their level of hate.

Go to Mollie Hemingway’s story on this link which succinctly shows the progression of lies about NoKo.

Briefly, when the summit was arranged, the media said Trump was being played and would not walk away from the talks no matter what he had to offer Kim Jong-un. These are the very same people who boasted of the perfectly awful Iran deal. It was Obama who wouldn’t walk away no matter what.

The President did walk away and the North Koreans have come around. That has gone unacknowledged by the press as a good move. Instead they said there would be no deal, claiming his advisors were deeply divided and NoKo was never serious in the first place.

Trump tweeted that the so-called senior advisor giving them the information does not exist and it is not true.

The New York Times said it was “impossible” for negotiations to take place, but guess what, the negotiations are on. Their source stinks.

It gets worse.

Yashar Ali said he had an audio of a second source backing the story but when you listen to the audio, at no time, does he back up the story.

The NY Times peddled a fake news story and it is being backed up by lying reporters, like Maggie Haberman.

CNN Goes Mad

The angry hateful, lowest-rated cable news show CNN, bashed Ivanka for posting a picture with her child on Instagram. This is crazy. She can’t do a thing without them making illogical connections.

They are talking about the fake news story that Trump is separating children from parents coming here illegally. It was Obama policy to do that as we just wrote.

They tried to claim she was insensitive to the families of undocumented immigrants.

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