It Will Be Hard to Trump This


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Bobby Knight has endorsed Donald Trump and with Indiana coming up, that’s a very big deal.

Bobby Knight, nicknamed “The General”, is best known as the head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers from 1971 to 2000. He also coached at Texas Tech (2001–2008) and at Army (1965–1971).

Bobby Knight is an Indiana hero.

If Trump wins Indiana, it pretty much seals the nomination because Cruz must win Indiana to stay relevant at all. Trump is currently leading in all Indiana polls by at least five points.

During his endorsement, Knight said he never voted and has no respect for either political party.

This was — um, a real neat thing for me because I have for some time leading up to where we are now felt that above anything else this country needed Donald Trump.

[ Cheers ] [ Whistling ]

That was before I ever even got to know him. I thought that just reading about him and studying about him and I thank for this tremendous opportunity that you folks have. You know I have never voted — I am not here to respect the Republican party. You know quite frankly, I don’t dam about the Republicans. [ Cheering and applause ] And on the other hand, I don’t give a dam about the Democrats either.

[ Cheering and applause ]

But, I really think that we have as Americans a great opportunity, not to represent a political party but to pick the best man that we have available to lead the United States back to where we want to be. [ Cheers ]

This man is not a Republican. He’s not a Democrat at heart. He’s just a great American. And, you will find as time progresses, I would say history — I spent a lot of time to study about history and I gotten to know a little bit about politics. Believe me when I tell you that there has never been a person with a background that has better prepared him for entrance into the White House than the backing — all that he’s done and the things he’s gone through and what he’s done and the businesses he has directed and some of the problems he has had because of what he’s done that nobody we have now can do.

What Mr. Trump has done is when things have gone wrong, he does not whine and complain about it. He figures out how the hell to fix it. [Cheers]

Endorsements might not matter normally but this one does.



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