It Will Happen: The USA Will Turn Solid Blue



It might be too much immigration when the entire country threatens to turn Blue.

Most Americans want immigration and are happy to share this great country with others in the world who hope to make better lives for themselves and their families, but when is enough actually enough and under what circumstances?

The massive immigration we are experiencing isn’t uniform, orderly or natural and it’s manipulated by leftist politicians. It is taking place with great speed and since entitlements are the draw, politicians have made them more enticing, many are only coming to be taken care of by the government. That is antithetical to American principles of individualism and resourcefulness.

Virginia is rapidly turning blue because the party of entitlements and welfare has made it a welcoming place for the poor and uneducated from Socialist regimes.

The federal government issues millions of visas to the poorest countries in the world each year.

Breitbart reported that a census study entitled “Immigrants in Virginia,” released by University of Virginia (UVA) researchers, documented the phenomenon: “Until 1970, only 1 in 100 Virginians was born outside of the United States; by 2012, 1 in every 9 Virginians is foreign-born.”

According to DHS, of those refugees issued admissions slips into the United States, 75 percent came from four countries– Iraq, Burma, Somalia and Bhutan– while another 15 percent came from Iran, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and the Dominican Republic.

They become eligible for extensive benefits and can apply for green cards and eventually citizenship.

The U.S. has countless numbers of visa programs that allow people to immigrate into the United States via lottery, by buying one’s way in, entering through employment and so on.

According to Pew Hispanic Research, Hispanics living in the United States include 15% of the population of Honduras, one-third of the the El Salvadorian population, 15% of Guatemala, and 25% of the population of Mexico. We take in large numbers of people from all over the world through various avenues besides illegal immigration.

The UVA report shows that more than three out of four of Virginia immigrants (77 percent) are coming from either Latin America or Asia while immigration from Europe lags far behind at 10%.

This is the nationwide trend. That being the case, we can expect the entire nation to turn blue and become the Democratic Socialist America some fear and others plan for.

If the people coming here illegally were going to vote Republican, you’d see Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi down on the border building the fence themselves.

Reagan always regretted his amnesty which was based on a lie by Democrats at the time. They promised it would be the last amnesty and they’d follow up by closing the border and building a fence which they never did of course. There have been several amnesties since. Reagan’s amnesty turned California from Red to Blue in three decades. This upcoming amnesty will do the same for the entire country.

Democrats have been working hard to turn Red states like South Carolina and Texas Blue. If they win Texas, they win the nation, according to some Democratic analysts.

Democrats pour money into elections in Texas. They goal is to turn Texas Blue, the WSJ reported. Hispanics, who overwhelmingly vote Democratic (8 to 1), are now 38% of the population of Texas. Democrats know that if they can get them to turn out for the vote, even the ones here illegally, the Democrats have a good shot at turning the state.

If the immigrants were coming in at a slower pace, they could be assimilated and we’d have a fighting chance at remaining a two-party nation, but that is not what is happening. We will become a welfare state if we don’t change the course of events.



  1. The only solution to save our country is to stop all immigration. With the ones we have here now, by the time they have 10 kids, we will have enough citizens to fill every corner of the US> Build a fence and man it….Deport all criminal aliens. and eventually only allow people in that can contribute…those with college education and someone who can make our country better and not rely on handouts.

  2. Sounds like you’re kinda engaging in apologetics when you imply Reagan was fooled into passing an amnesty policy. In fact, Reagan fundamentally thought amnesty was good for America. He signed amnesty into law because he believed in it. Go back and read the transcripts of his speeches on this policy and it becomes pretty clear amnesty was something he sincerely championed.

    Moreover, when you’re the President and you sign something into law, the buck stops with you. That’s part of the gig. Attempting to diminish Reagan’s role in amnesty by implying he was conned into it is, quite frankly, lame. It reeks of partisan apologetics…the kind where “my guy” isn’t responsible for bad choices, but if someone in the opposition party does the exact same thing OF COURSE it’s all their fault.

    Reagan favored amnesty just like he favored massive big government spending. And no amount of historical revisionism changes these facts.

    • I stand by what I said. I don’t doubt he didn’t want to deport people and thought it would be good for America. He did it , however, with the proviso that there would be employer verification, that it would be a one-time deal, a fence would be built. None of it happened and he regretted giving amnesty, said it was his big regret or one regret, can’t remember. He was responsible in the end of course.

    • These “facts” – you got them from Mother Jones, right? Um, Reagan wanted to cut taxes 30% because he favored “massive ‘big government’ spending as you say? Doesn’t compute. In case you weren’t around back then, Reagan fought Congress tooth and nail over “Big Gov.”
      If you think Governor/President Reagan was being disingenuous when he said government isn’t the solution, government is the problem, then you can think that. But you are not entitled to your own facts.

    • It’s the type of govt spending, not the amount. Reagan spent on defense, not social welfare. And you know that!
      I do agree some type of stringent amnesty has to be considered..just to be pragmatic. Also, the issue is who will pay for govt programs if they have to exist at all. Welfare reform, tightening Social Security rules, and maybe another CCC will help. We need creativity on solving these problems, not xenophobia

    • Later Reagan said signing the amnesty legislation was the biggest mistake he made……I guess you didn’t read that far…

  3. Lock and load people. You are going to be the target of the future Socialist United States of America.
    Our future will be a dark one. We will be just another third world hell hole thanks to our corrupt President and the democratic party. The great United States of America will be no more.

  4. Lock and load people. You are going to be the target of the future Socialist United States.
    Our future will be a dark one. We will be just another third world hell hole thanks to our corrupt President and the democratic party. The great United States of America will be no more.

  5. This is the most idiotic Public Service garbage I ever read. There is no way that the American people will ever condone or except Obama’s and the Socialist/Communist Democrat party and the RINOS concept of a open door Immigration policy. This is a US concept that every dictator of the world would love to see. They’re foaming at the mouth for this Government and the UN to disarm and except a one world Government, as long as Russia, China aren’t part of it.

  6. Importing new Democratic voters of which the GOP’s suicidal congressional leadership is complicit(cheap labor/delusional thinking of getting Hispanic vote) but also tragically importing diseases.

  7. Two parties. One corporate boss. That’s why we’re an oligarchy and not a democratic republic any longer. Most immigrants aren’t interested in either party. Most have chosen not to register. However, for those who do (or will), the GOP is viewed negatively. Among Millennials (the largest voter bloc), Republicans/Conservatives are a very distant third. While most vote Democrat, the majority are registered Independent. In fact, Indies make up the largest voter bloc of all. In approxiately 5 to 6 years, there will be more Indies than Democrates or Republicans combined!

    Until the GOP (or Democrats) divorce themselves from their corporate overseers and take the lead in stopping gerrymandering, implement manditory term limits, overturn Citizens United, serious and realistic campaign finance reform, reign in corporations and Wallstreet, penalize companies for exporting jobs, ending red tape for small businesses, start deporting illegal immigrates and secure the border (and seriously fineing corporations, churches, and other organizations who defy immigration laws, then both parties will (hopefully) fade away: the quicker the better.

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