Italy Walks Out of UN Mass Illegal Immigration Meeting!


The socialists ruling the nations of the EU have joined forces with the U.N. to install a global government. The U.N. is an organization of leftists, dictators, thugs, and fascists and they should not be creating rules that affect a nation’s sovereignty, but they are with the Global Mass Migration Compact.

This little-discussed compact is an effort to put all nations under the U.N. rules of mass illegal immigration.

Not every nation is on board, and, fortunately, as long as we have a Republican President, our government won’t even consider it.

Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte said decisions over migration were a matter for national governments as he walked out on the meeting at the U.N. to discuss the mass migration compact.

The U.N. is trying to set conditions and rights for mass migration. While using the euphemistic word ‘migration,’ the U.N. is making illegal immigration a “human right.” The U.N. is also making any criticism of migration [illegal immigration] a crime.

According to the Express UK, Mr. Conte’s announcement came minutes after anti-mass immigration interior minister Matteo Salvini had spoken against going to the UN meeting.

Mr. Salvini said: “The Italian government won’t go to Marrakech, it won’t sign anything, parliament will.”

The Italian opposition party is “outraged” and the Italian Parliament wants to sign it. They’re crazy!

We have a Brazilian Trump, a Polish Trump, a Hungarian Trump, and an Italian Trump. If the socialists keep it up, there will be Trumps in France and maybe even Germany.

The only thing that stands between us and global domination is President Trump. The U.N. is in Mexico and Central American nations promoting the mass illegal immigration to the south. Think about that!


  1. The fury of the French Yellow Jackets will be eclipsed by the hundreds of thousands of Americans who will come armed to the aid of their President and rid America once and for all of the Commicrats who are determined to bring an end to the Republic of our forefathers. Enough is enough!

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