It’s 2016 again! Sleepy Joe Biden’s kickoff rally drew an itty bitty crowd


Creepy Joe Biden kicked off his first campaign rally in a small auditorium filled up with union people. The kickoff was in a small Lawrenceville union hall Monday. The teeny crow chanted, “We want Joe!”

“This is a union town. This is a union state. This is a union county,” Firefighters’ Union President Harold Schaitberger said.

Biden received a lot of headlines but no audience to speak of and he was his usual boring self.

Ignoring the thriving economy and booming stock market, Biden painted the usual bleak picture about both.

He talked about Charlottesville again. Charlottesville is a hoax. Then he exploited the tragedies at the Chabad Synagogue this past Saturday and The Tree of Life six months ago.

Same ole, same ole.

The union president praised Mr. Biden for “40 years of performance, 40 years of delivery for the working class, 40 years of delivery for the middle class.”

He said Mr. Biden is “someone who honors and celebrates those who go home after work and have to take a shower and wash their hands. He has a lot to offer those who work for a living, including firefighters across the nation.”

Actually, Biden’s achieved nothing and is in bed with corporations. He sold out the workers.

There were 103 ‘likes’ and 847 ‘dislikes’ on the video when I last looked!

The comments on the video were funny at least, check out the sample:

Do you recall the wages that were made under the Obama admin. They sucked I really don’t want to go back to that time. Yeah 2016

You are creepy. My kids see you on tv and they scream “stranger danger”. You are a weird creepy old man.

rally held inside of a studio apt.


So if this first rally is any indication .. he probably shouldn’t schedule a second.

id those props behind him get the $15 hourly pay scale he proposes? It looked really staged .

Looks like a low energy Hillary rally.

Sniff sniff sniff

THE question: Who will he plagiarize?

Wow! He had at least 50 people there! Not bad for first rally!

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4 years ago

This is a man of low intellectual ability who thinks it is his turn, he is owed the nomination, like Dole or Hillary.

4 years ago

We need Biden to be the Dimms candidate. Trump can beat him. JMO

Mad Celt
Mad Celt
4 years ago

We went for the free hot dogs. Kids asked,”Who’s Joe Bid-den?” I replied, “Nobody knows. Not even the guy, himself!”

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Right now their guy is Mayor Butt.