It’s May Day, International Socialist Day, and We Have the Video All Youth Must See


The T-Shirt explains who and what they are better than anyone could.

May Day, May 1st, is the day all the communists and socialists go out and celebrate. It’s a day when every misfit can come out and be praised for being violent and for pretending they are oppressed.

First, we have a very important video all youth must see. Nazis weren’t as horrific as communists, yet no one talks about communism’s evil history. Communists escape scrutiny.

This video explains why.

Communists must become violent to force their will on others and the movement attracts a lot of violent people. A right-wing reporter was attacked by a communist today. He’s been attacked before.

Leftists like to pretend this is what democracy looks like.

It’s very dangerous and it’s spreading because communists and socialists from around the world can enter the USA at will.

Here they are in Union Park.

Antifa is out today celebrating with their comrades.

Commies are carrying the North Korean flag here in Seattle
Communists gave poor Joan of Arc a communist flag

The oppressed Antifa are out in 2017.

This is what they want.

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