It’s dangerous to cover this but Tucker did it anyway


It is very dangerous to cover this story but Tucker Carlson did it. Bucking Soros gets Media Matters and the other smear merchants after you big time. In this particular segment, he dealt with the fact that Soros is buying elections to fundamentally transform the country.

George Soros has been backing far-left prosecutors and sheriffs running for office with extraordinarily large sums of money. He is single-handedly transforming our criminal justice system to one which has no regard for the victims.

Soros has won many of these elections. Philadelphia (Krasner), Chicago (Kim Foxx), San Diego, cities in Texas, and so on.

We have covered the issue here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and in the article on this link, we deal directly with Krasner’s first days.

Tucker is a national treasure.

Watch this short segment:



  1. Is that why Putin is so hated, he ran Soros out of Russia a long time ago. Some pages say he issued a warrant for lil’ Georgie Sorrows but other pages say it is a rumour?

  2. If it wasn’t against the law to kill people, many of our problems would be taken care of by little ball of lead. The world would be better off without some people and the list is very, very long.

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